3 Important Reasons Why Multiple Pregnancies Need Bed Rest

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Multiple pregnancies bring with it a higher chance of complications, so doctors would require many moms some type of bed rest. Especially because if the mother is at high risk, so do their babies. Normally, it is a requirement at 24 weeks but some mothers would rather want to wait if symptoms are seen before they would agree to be lying in bed until they give birth. 

Others can complete the entire pregnancy without any change in their lifestyle, however, there are times that they would be surprised upon routine checkup. It would still be best to know the basics to make the 9 months easier and to have a safe delivery for both the mother and her children. 

What is Bed Rest?

Bed rest is described as a period of resting at home or full rest in the hospital with minimal movement. A pregnant woman will be prescribed as needed. The higher the risk of complications, the longer the time is needed for the mother to rest and the more limited her movements should be. 

Some women will have to be on monitored bed rest for a short period just to stabilize their condition, while some are placed on bed rest throughout their pregnancy. 

Reasons for Bed Rest

About 20 percent of pregnancies require bed rest. And multiple pregnancies are highly likely to be required. The weight of the baby is affected by gravity adding pressure to the cervix especially to multiples. This results in certain complications that lead to critical pregnancy. 


One of the most common problems pregnant women encounter is hypertension or high blood pressure, which could be a symptom of preeclampsia. This condition, if left untreated, can be fatal to both the mother and baby. Bed rest can help alleviate pressure on the vena cava, a large vein connecting to the heart, preventing high blood pressure. Mothers are advised to lie on their left to improve blood circulation. 

Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is a condition that the placenta covers the cervix, which most likely happens when being pregnant to multiples. This results in hemorrhage which is dangerous to the mother and baby. Bed rest helps diminish bleeding. 

Well Being of Mom

Bed rest will not only benefit the babies, but mostly the mother is the one that benefits the most. Having multiple pregnancies puts the mother's organs at work overtime, so being on bed rest relieves the mother giving her the break that she needed. 

Adjustments While on Bed Rest

If you are prescribed by your obstetrician to take bed rest, you would have to make some necessary action plans on your daily lifestyle. There will be many adjustments but surely it is manageable. Some resources that could help you are Sidelines National Support Network or the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs.

The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book targets the handling of issues regarding work, childcare, and housekeeping. It is a recommended reading material especially for those that need to undergo bed rest. 

Being on bed rest tremendously impacts expectant mothers to multiples and their well being. Many will get bored but if being on bed rest is the only best thing for you and your babies, then it would not hurt to let any minute pass by. Just enjoy laying in bed all day, because you can get all the rest that you need as you will miss it after giving birth.

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