Amanda Bynes Proudly Announces: Baby on Board!

Amanda Bynes is pregnant and the father is her fiance Paul Michael. 

Amanda and Paul Post on Instagram

On Tuesday, March 17, Amanda shared a photo of her ultrasound with the caption, "Baby on board!". Her fiance also posted the same photo saying "Baby in the making."

Both their posts were deleted almost just as quickly. 

David A. Esquibias, Amanda's attorney, said that when he saw the Instagram posts, he immediately started an investigation to the origin. He was able to successfully cause them to remove their posts. He is asking the media and the public to give privacy to Amanda's life during difficult times. 

One source has also confirmed that indeed, the former Nickelodeon star is pregnant, and she is very early. The source also said that her parents already know of this good news. 

The announcement of her pregnancy happened after nearly a week when Bynes and her fiance had called off their engagement, and soon after, the couple was found recalling their cancellation. 

Before the couple made their recent posts, the former actress had already deleted all photos of her and her fiance from social media. Michael reported however that he and Amanda are very much still together and that their social media were hacked. 

Amanda Bynes is Pregnant
(Photo : instagram/
Amanda Bynes is pregnant with her fiance Paul Michael.

Amanda Announces Engagement

On Valentine's Day, Amanda announced her engagement. She posted a photo of a large diamond ring worn on her hand and she placed it on her fiance's hands who is wearing a gold band.

However, a source said that Paul and Amanda are not likely to proceed with the wedding ceremony. 

Byne's mother, Lynn Bynes, who controls the finances and affairs of Amanda, knows that she and Michael are already engaged, but until now, she and her husband still disapprove that the couple got married under conservatorship. 

Amanda was then ordered to go into a psychiatric facility after the discussion about her conservatory case; she gladly approved. 

However, now, she refuses to go. She was supposed to check into the place over the weekend, but now she is not cooperating. 

Amanda is Recovering Well

A year ago, in June, the 33-year-old actress graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM). She has not yet started working, however, a source said that she still has some aspirations for a career in the fashion industry. 

Amanda seems to have started in the fashion line. Last October, she already filed to trademark the phrase "Vintage by Amanda Bynes" and use this trademark on cosmetics and jewelry, and on furniture and other household products. Her plans seem to be on hold for now, but there is nothing that the Amanda Show star could not accomplish if she puts her mind into it. 

After graduation, she started a life of sobriety. A reporter said that Amanda has not had any relapse and is not doing drugs or alcohol. He also added that she is focused on her sobriety now, and is committed to it because she feels really good about it. Early this March, Amanda is already 14 months sober. 

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