Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Expecting Their Fifth Child After Two Heartbreaking Miscarriages

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are expecting their fifth child after their second miscarriage that Hilaria announced in December 2019. 

On Monday, Hilaria shared a video on an Instagram post sharing her baby bump with the little one's heartbeat in the background. 

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Is Expecting Their Fifth Child After Two Heartbreaking Miscarriages
(Photo : Instagram/hilariabaldwin)
Hilaria Baldwin shares how happy she is upon hearing the heartbeat of their fifth baby.

Hilaria Could Not Hide Her Happiness

She said in her caption that she could not think of the right words to say how happy they are, so she will just let the baby do the talking. She added that she is just sharing the great news that all is well and healthy with their "little munchkin." 

The couple already has four children: Carmen, 6, Rafael Thomas, 4, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo, 2. Baldwin and ex-wife Kim Basinger also share a 24-year-old child named Ireland. 

Hilaria Shared Her Miscarriage

Hilaria shared on an Instagram post in November her second miscarriage at four months of pregnancy. 

She posted a caption saying that they are sad to share that their baby passed away at four months. She added that no matter how sad they were during that time, they knew that they would get through a tough time because they have four healthy babies and are lucky to have them. 

Attached to the caption is an emotional video of Hilaria and her firstborn, Carmen, asking her when they would the next baby come. Hilaria softly answered that she does not know, but they will do their best as she thanks her daughter for feeling sorry for their loss. 

The 36-year-old writer also said that she took the video to share it with Alec. She said that she is devastated at the moment for not expecting the result after her scan that day. She said that she was still in shock and does not understand what is happening. All she could ask for is that there would be no paparazzi to bother them. 

In April 2019, the couple also announced their first miscarriage. 

How Baldwin Couple Explained Coronavirus to Children

A week ago, the couple shared how they explained coronavirus to their young kids. They said they do not want to discuss the topic in front of their children as much as possible. However, when asked, the Baldwin couple gives them direct answers. 

The "Mom Brain" podcast co-host said that their children know the nature and name of the virus, and they also know that their parents are doing their best to make sure that everyone is safe, so everything is going to be okay. 

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Is Expecting Their Fifth Child After Two Heartbreaking Miscarriages
(Photo : Instagram/hilariabaldwin)
Alec and Hilaria Baldwin together with their four children and Alec's firstborn, Ireland.

The fitness guru advised that parents should tell their kids about the coronavirus only enough that they are informed but not to the extent that it causes stress and anxiety on them. 

The former yoga instructor frequently shares on her Instagram how she stays fit, especially having bound at home doing self-isolation. 

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