Scheduled Party? Virtual Parties Got You Covered

You're probably one of those families who love hosting parties. It's either a party for relatives or one for the neighborhood. Before the stay-at-home period, there were probably some scheduled parties on your calendar. But because of the pandemic, you suddenly needed to cancel all the plans you had running through your head. 

For parents, it is probably going to be easy to let go of a party and think of it as just putting-off. But for kids, it could mean disappointment.


While the coronavirus continues to spread, there are several other ways to avoid disappointment. Parties could continue, although not as extravagant as a physical party, a virtual party could be a help. 

There are different platforms available to cater to these types of parties.

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Video Call Party!

If the guests for the party are relatives, a video conference could be ideal. Some videoconferencing applications available are Zoom, Skype, and Facebook. But even if the guests are not relatives, classmates or work buddies may also join the party through a videoconference.

Although it might be difficult to talk about a particular topic at the same time (due to connectivity issues), it would still be nice to have them join in this event that will only come once a year. 

Parlor Games, Virtual Fun Games

If kids are at home, video games, card games, and board games could be the simplest answers. But if kids would also like to play with their online guests, there are Facebook's Instant Games.

Live performance? Live-stream it!

If you initially planned a magician or a performer to present at the party, there should be no reason to cancel. The performance could be streamed live by them if they have the resources.

Youtube is one way to host live streams. They even provide modules that could help in creating channels, uploading videos, and streaming live. 

Share your meals.

One way of making everyone feel that you are in one party is to eat the same food. To do this, you may choose to order food from restaurants that still cater to delivery services and have it delivered to your guests as well.


But what about gifts?

For gifts, it is one difficult question. That is because (1) there could be limited choices as to where to buy one; (2) even online shops have limited options; and (3) sending gifts will also be difficult.

But some alternatives are free, accessible, and personalized: video cards. A traditional card is always appreciated, so what more would the celebrator feel if the card would include a greeting or a birthday greeting for him or her?

There are a lot of other ways to create a party virtually. Some may entail minimal budget, and some may be free. But there is also an option to postpone a party. Experts say that when doing this, parents should have their hearts and ears ready to listen to their children's disappointment. Also, it should be accompanied by the parents' constant checking on their children's feelings. As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Neha Chaudhary would say, children find comfort in the thought that they are not alone.

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