Chris D’Elia, Soon-to-be Dad, Girlfriend Kristin Taylor is Pregnant

Chris D'Elia has lots happening in his life right now. Apart from the premiere of his "No Pain" show on Netflix, he is also expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Kristin Taylor.  

Chris D’Elia is Becoming a Father! His Girlfriend Kristin Taylor is Pregnant
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Chris D'Elia's show "No Pain" is now in Netflix.

Chris D'Elia Announced That They are Expecting

D'Elia shared on one episode of his podcast, "Congratulations With Chris D'Elia," that debuted in December 2019, that he and his partner are expecting a baby. 

Before he did the broadcast, he has already said a few times about wanting to have a family and become a dad on his podcast, one commenter said. 

The comedian said that he does not share a lot about his personal life, but now he is announcing that they are expecting a baby. It makes him nervous just talking about it because it is real life and not just something laughable. 

Even if it shows on his Wikipedia page that their baby was born in the year 2020, no evidence proves that Taylor has already given birth. 

Chris D'Elia is a Private Person

D'Elia speaks whatever comes to his mind on his podcast, and he does not fail to delight his fans every time because of his honest and random view on the world. One fan said that although his podcast is just him talking about random stuff, he is very funny, and everyone always has a great time. Another one commented that "Chris" is the most hilarious comedian that he knows. 

Even though D'Elia talks about himself a lot on his podcast, he mentions his significant other but calling her "my lady." 

The 40-year-old comedian has been keeping his love life a secret until when his sleuthing fans on Reddit put the puzzle pieces together and found that he is dating Taylor. It seems they have been dating for a few years now, judging by the photos of them together

One fan has caught a photo of them and tweeted in October 2018. 

Chris D’Elia is Becoming a Father! His Girlfriend Kristin Taylor is Pregnant
(Photo : Twitter/Crazy Fun)
A fan has caught a photo of them and tweeted in October 2018.

Kristin Taylor is an Animator

The founder of "Hi Big Dog Media", Kristin Taylor, is also the stop motion animator and an artist. On her bio, she wrote that she was born and raised in North Carolina. She got her Bachelor's degree at the University of Missouri, where she met and eventually adopted her angel dog, Cooper. And she added that Cooper is her inspiration behind the media group that she created. 

Just like D'Elia, Taylor is also a secretive person. Her Instagram is private, and even if her Twitter account is open to the public, she does not post personal matters on it. It is no wonder she and the comedian are a perfect match! 

Chris D’Elia is Becoming a Father! His Girlfriend Kristin Taylor is Pregnant
(Photo : Instagram/kristintaylorca)
Even Kristin Taylor's Instagram is private.

Even though the couple does not want to post much about their private life, no one knows if the coming of their baby would change this or not. Just wait for the announcement on the arrival of their newborn and see if this would let followers have a peak in their personal life. 

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