Aaron Carter Shows Off 'Dad Bod' After Announcing Girlfriend's Pregnancy

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There is no doubt that musician Aaron Carter is excited to be a father. His Instagram account is pouring all the signs. He has changed his Instagram name to 'BABY,' and just recently, he posted a mirror selfie with the caption, 'Dad bod.'

In his interview with People, Carter said he is thrilled with this new chapter in his life. He also mentioned that he and his girlfriend, Melanie Martin, have been trying to conceive for some time now. Carter said, "This is what we both want."

The Pregnancy Reveal

Carter announced their pregnancy in an Instagram live. He first said, "Obviously, I have a baby on the way." After that, he showed a pregnancy test kit that indicated positive.

The 32-year-old musician even said that he sure thinks he's going to be a busy father.

Carter-Martin Altercation

Weeks before the announcement of their pregnancy, the couple, Carter and Martin, were reported to have been in a verbal altercation that later on led to physical damage. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department was called to Carter's house. There they discovered the fight of the couple and saw physical signs on Carter. The police arrested Martin for felony domestic violence. After posting a $50,000 bail, charges have since been dropped.

After the reported altercation, fans had a hint that the two have gotten back together in early April after Martin commented in a post of Carter about a piece of big news they were about to make. Carter confirmed this and said in an interview that they realized they love each other.

Aside from last month's case of domestic violence, Carter was also involved in a domestic issue with his brother sometime last year. It was after Nick Carter filed a restraining order against Aaron. That is because Aaron allegedly threatened to kill Nick, his pregnant wife, and their unborn child.

Turn of a new leaf

Despite the public falling out, Carter claims to start a new life. He also mentioned that he now wants to focus on the future and on starting his own family. 

In his interview with People, he said that he wants to be a good dad to his firstborn. Aside from his music career, Carter is also busy managing his clothing line. But above all of this, he remains focused on the thought that his family is the most important.

Melanie Martin: Love Wins

After all of the issues that the couple went through just last month, Martin shared on her Instagram account their photo with the caption, "Love wins."

In some photos circulating online, Martin and Carter are described as calm and cool hours after announcing their pregnancy.

Martin is the owner of the eyelash bar, Love Lashes. She is from Bulgaria and declared her relationship with Carter on Instagram. They first announced their relationship to the public in January this year. There were also reports that they moved in together last February. Fans of Carter were initially against the relationship.

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