5 Ways to Support Moms After Giving Birth

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All moms would probably agree that being a mother is a mix of storms and rainbows.

Witnessing every milestone in the life of a child while juggling all tasks for a mother can make postpartum life a little complicated.

Some mothers feel exhausted most of the time.

According to studies, 1 in every 9 mothers is going through postpartum depression. That is why it is important to look for all of the signs of possible depression during the postpartum stage.

For obstetricians and gynecologists, they are already required to check up on mothers who just gave birth within three weeks. This constant check-up helps doctors to monitor if there are any physical or mental challenges mothers are facing.

For friends and family members, here are five simple ways that could show your support to moms who just gave birth. 

Ask Questions

When talking to a mom who just gave birth, it is always easier to ask questions about the baby. However, asking how a mom is coping with the postpartum experience should also be a talking point. 

Most of the time, moms will only answer, "Good," or "Great!" The person asking the question should not settle with one-word answers. There should be a follow-up question to this. A good follow-up to this is, "Tell me about it. How is the postpartum feeling."

Help in Specific Tasks at Home

For families whose mom just gave birth, saying that you are willing to help is not the same as actually helping. A certified nurse-midwife in California, Lisa Hanes, said that simple tasks could go a long way. Husbands, children, and other relatives can take over some of these tasks. They could buy groceries, do the laundry, change beddings, or clean the house voluntarily.

When these tasks are off the lists of moms, they can find time to relax or to have more bonding time with the baby.

Give a new mom a call

A phone call could be a way to reach out without giving so much hassle to a mom who just gave birth. Yet, at the same time, this can help moms feel that they are not alone. People who live far from their friends who gave birth may opt to do this.

Do not be afraid to share stories and struggles.

For those who already gave birth and went through struggles during the postpartum stage, your stories can help uplift a mom who has just given birth to a new baby. Parents find comfort in knowing that other parents went through the same things which they already find very difficult.

Set Timer for Visits

When visiting a mom who just gave birth, keep in mind that she has a lot on her plate, like laundry and cleaning, which may seem like small chores but are still worrisome for them. That is why experts suggest that visits should only be limited to 30 minutes until one hour at a time.

Even though visits are pleasant, they could drain moms' energy sometimes. Conversations between adults, although helpful, can be a source of stress. 

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