Can My Baby Feel When I Cry?

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It is common knowledge that during your pregnancy, your drinking and eating habits, your overall health, and your activities affect the growth and development of your unborn child.

research conducted by the Association for Psychological Science reported that the emotions of a mother during pregnancy could impact the unborn child.

Can my baby feel when I cry?

Through other various researches, you can confirm that during pregnancy, your unborn child can feel whatever it is that you feel. The baby in your womb is connected to you, and you connect him or her to the world.

Curt A. Sandman, one of the scientists that participated in the study that found out about the emotional state of mother influencing the development of her baby before and after birth, states that your baby is preparing himself or herself for life. He or she does so through messages that you send him during the gestational period.

How can my emotions during pregnancy affect my child?

During your pregnancy, your baby can feel the same emotions that you have and even feel it with the same intensity. If you cry out of sadness, your baby can feel the same loneliness as if it were his own.

The study conducted at the University of California-Irvine, where Sandman participated, also discovered that a baby is an active participant in his or her development when inside his or her mother's uterus. During this time, he or she is recollecting information for his or her life after birth.

Although there are no definite conclusions on the extent of the effect on the fetus regarding your emotions as a mother, it should be reasonable enough to make sure that you do not cry a lot while pregnant.

Why do women often cry during pregnancy?

There are many reasons why women often cry during pregnancy, and these include both physical and emotional factors.

Fluctuating hormones - estrogen, progesterone, and chronic human gonadotropin (hCG) - are primarily responsible for augmenting pregnancy emotions, making her cry even without provocation.

Stretch marks could also cause women to be sad. Almost every pregnant woman will experience having stretch marks. Although such marks usually fade away in time, seeing them the first time can make pregnant women cry because it indicates that her body is changing.

Clothes that do not fit can also be a reason why a pregnant woman cry. Shopping for clothes can be saddening, and you might be too big for your usual clothing size, not to mention those moments whereas you might be too big for your regular clothes but too small for maternity ones.

What can you do?

During these stressful times, and during this stage that creates close bonds between you and your baby, it is essential to feel as calm as possible. Avoid stress and whisk those negative feelings away at all costs. You can try meditation, yoga, and other relaxation exercises to do so.

Remember that you and your unborn child are connected in almost every way. What you feel can also be felt by your child. So, try to relax as much as possible and enjoy your pregnancy!

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