Jennifer Love Hewitt's Daughter Sweetly Reminded Her to Love Herself

While spending quality time with her family during the quarantine, Jennifer Love Hewitt's daughter, Autumn, caught her being unkind to herself, so the little girl reminded her mom to love herself.

The actress said that two and a half months ago, she had an interesting moment with her daughter. She said she was not feeling good about her physical body that day, so she said something aloud while facing the mirror. She did not notice that her daughter was standing so close beside her.

The mom of two shared that she could not remember what her exact words were, but she knew it was something not good about herself.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Daughter Sweetly Reminded Her to Love Herself
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Autumn reminded Hewitt to love herself

The six-and-a-half-year-old girl told her mom not to talk about herself that way, so Jennifer Love Hewitt apologized to her daughter and echoed what she has said. Hewitt said that a few hours after their talk, Autumn brought the topic again. The little girl told her mom that if she feels not good about herself, then she feels the same way about her daughter because they look alike.

The "9-1-1" star was heartbroken when she heard the statement, so, with tears in her eyes, she quickly said that she was sorry for feeling that way.

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Hewitt knew she had to love herself first

Even though she is struggling with it, the television star said that it is important to love yourself. All the more that she is a mother because her children might be affected by her actions.

On June 2, she shared in a podcast "Inside of You" by Michael Rosenbaum that a parent should like themselves because you need it as a parent to help your children be the best version of themselves. She also said that parents should give their children confidence in who they are because the world is going to "knock them down" at different moments to affect their children.

The 41-year-old star also shared that apart from making her children feel good, her job as a parent is to let her children know that she likes herself. She added that her daughter knew that she did not like herself, so it "killed" her, and it was hard for her to take it in.

She said that she has been trying to be good to herself during this time because she has been eating her feelings out on some days. Adding to that, she said that she is still working on it, and the star thinks that she is getting there.

Even though Hewitt has been a glamorous television and movie star in the early '90s, there are times when she feels like she is not her beautiful self. She faced criticism when she was a teen idol in "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Party of Five."

After hearing her daughter say those words, Jennifer Love Hewitt realized that she has to be more careful about what she says about the way she looks.

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