Are Divorce and Separation Emerging Trends After the Pandemic Quarantines?

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Divorce lawyers in the United States are seeing a possible spike in the number of divorce cases.

Now, people are asking, was this caused by the pandemic quarantines?

Experts have different answers and opinions regarding the matter. Some say yes, while others say no.

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Yes, the pandemic quarantines caused a divorce and separation trend.

For some marriage and relationship experts, the coronavirus continues to prove its capability. Not only has it taken the lives of thousands all over the world, but it has also changed the way people live. 

It seems like the coronavirus has taken center stage in affecting the relationships of families in the United States. That is because the divorce rate is increasing in different states.

According to an article from USA Today, some of the quarantine stress that could have triggered divorce or separation are money worries, conflicts over kids, disagreements on household chores, boredom, and many more. Considering that couples are forced to stay at home 24/7, it is inevitable that they encounter such stresses.

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Venus Nicolino is a relationship therapist. She says that in the future, a study may confirm a connection between divorce and the coronavirus at this time.

Also, Nicole Sodoma, a family lawyer, says that the pandemic has undoubtedly made an additional effect on the decision of partners to file for divorce.

No, the coronavirus is not the cause of the spike in divorce cases.

Although several experts agreed that the coronavirus is a reason for the increase in divorce cases, there are still those who beg to differ.

legal expert from New York named Leslie Montanile says that the coronavirus has nothing to do with the spike in statistics. Montanile says that it is the backlog in the court system that could have brought a sudden increase.

Considering that the courts are closed, divorce cases were not filed or put on hold. According to Montanile, once the courts reopen, the flood of cases may appear like a surge or the spike of divorce cases.

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Others say it's a yes and a no.

Relationship coach Lee Wilson believes the answer to the question is a yes and a no. He says that the decision to file a divorce maybe because of a combination of incidents during the pandemic.

Couples might have had disagreements before the coronavirus spread, but the quarantine made it worse. Wilson says that the constant tension could have triggered to push the divorce button.

Reminders of experts to couples before deciding to file a divorce

For the family lawyer Montanile, she believes that the pandemic is not the time to decide on matters like ending a relationship. Although this is the time when a lot of people are evaluating their lives, Montanile says this is a time when a family should take a step back to remember that this is not a normal time.

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