Use of Face Mask Significantly Dropped Coronavirus Cases [Study Proves]

Due to the nonstop increase in the number of coronavirus cases, most governments are implementing precautionary measures. They require people to stand at least six feet away from others and wear face masks. Now, there are more reasons to wear face masks.

According to a study, states that required people to wear masks showed positive results. People who wore face-covering when in public caused a significant drop in coronavirus cases' daily growth rate. 

The authors of the study found direct evidence that wearing face masks has widespread community effectiveness. Published by the, the study is very timely with Raleigh's ordinance taking effect on Friday. The city requires that people use face coverings when out in public. 

It comes after the state set a single-day high for hospitalizations related to COVID-19 for the third consecutive day. It was also the eighth-time in 11 days with a number of patients reaching 857 on Thursday. 

Use of Face Mask Significantly Dropped Coronavirus Cases [Study Proved]
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Wear face masks when going out to public.

Coronavirus' daily growth rates dropped after face masks were required

Researchers from the University of Iowa studied the 15 states, including the District of Columbia. These states had statewide executive orders that required wearing face masks from April 8 to May 15. 

The team found that at the county level, coronavirus cases daily growth rates dropped almost immediately. Within the first five days, the percentage of cases decreased by 0.9 points. More than three weeks after enactment, the rate continued to fall by two percentage points.  

The study stated that there is a significant decline in the daily growth rate of coronavirus cases after they required the people to use face covers. It also noted that the effect increases over time upon signing the order. 

They said that the declines in growth rate in five days are "broadly consistent" with the other measures. One of which is the closing of certain businesses. They could have prevented around 200,000 to 450,000 cases by May 22, as estimated by the team. They also said that people should view their estimates "cautiously." 

Use of face masks decreased the number of people getting ill

British researchers at Cambridge and Greenwich universities did another study about the effect of face coverings. They studied how it affects the effective reproductive number of coronavirus. 

They called Rt or the Re as the average number of people a sick person could infect. An Rt of greater than one shows exponential growth. If the Rt is less than one, it could control the spread of the virus. 

They found that wearing face masks in public could reduce the Rt twice as much as when only those showing symptoms are wearing them. They conclude that if more than half of the population wears masks, the Rt will drop to below one. It means that it would be easier to manage the pandemic. 

On Thursday, a Duke University infectious disease specialist, Dr. Cameron Wolfe, said that the scientific community is more united on their effectiveness. She believes that wearing masks, including cloth masks, is very satisfactory at preventing them from getting sick. 

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