11 Unique Baby Boy Names [2 Came from The Bible]

Babies are blessings sent from above. Parents get all excited once they see two pink lines some days after a missed period. More often, they would get their house ready with buy stuff and tell the world that they are expecting. 

No matter what gender their baby would have, parents' first few duties would be to find a suitable name for their little one. If you just found out that you are having a baby boy and are looking for unique baby boy names, here is a list for you to choose from, plus a little bit of background.

11 Unique Baby Boy Names [2 Came From Bible]
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The strong name Wilder means "to cause to lose one's way." It has not entered the top 1000 list yet, but now it is on the rise. It would surely fit your strong-willed little one. 


Of Hebrew origin, Josiah means "God supports, heals." It is a unique version of Joseph, although it is not that uncommon that people would misspell the name if heard. 


This bad boy name has never made it to the top 1000 baby boy names list. This surname would make a unique baby boy name for your little bundle of joy. 

11 Unique Baby Boy Names [2 Came From Bible]
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Even though it is already popular in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, the ancient name Casper has not taken off yet in the US. This unique baby boy's name means "treasurer." Sometimes, people shorten this hipster name to Cas. 

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In the past few years, vintage grandpa names have been famous. One of them is the name "Otis." This classic boy's name means "one who hears well," so it might make your little one have a heightened sense of hearing. 


People do not usually include letters "x" and "z" in the most common names dictionary. Naming your baby boy with Jax sends a connotation that your son is a part of the new generation. It is a modern twist to the classic Jackson name. 


The name Fitzroy means "son of the king" and has an English origin. 


Give your baby boy a creative and meaningful name by naming him Caspian. He will remind you of C.S. Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia" and the world's largest inland body of water. 

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11 Unique Baby Boy Names [2 Came From Bible]
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If you are a fan of the country singer, Thomas Rhett, then this name might have come across your mind without us telling. The moniker means "advice," so do not wonder if your little boy acts wiser than people his age. 


Want your child to be a gold medalist in the Olympics in the decades to come? Then give him this moniker. This athletic boy's name means "title of honor." Although it is in the top name list in 2020, it is not yet too famous. 


Counted as one cool and unique baby boy name, Lazarus is steeped in the Old Testament origin. The moniker means "God is my helper." With the nickname of Laz, Lazarus tells us that what is old is cool.

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