Man in superhero costume keeps helping kids despite pandemic

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Since his mother's death in 2009, Yuri Williams has been bringing smiles to thousands of kids who are sick.

Not only is he doing this act of kindness in all the states in the United States, but he is also doing this while wearing a superhero costume.

Even with the pandemic, Williams continues to put smiles on children's faces all over the country.

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Sharing love while in superhero costumes

Future Super Hero and Friends is a non-profit organization based in Long Beach, California. Williams founded it.

He and his team go around hospitals and underserved communities wearing superhero costumes and helping those in need. Just recently, in September, they were able to cover all the fifty states in the United States by visiting Hawaii and Alaska.

Wearing the superhero costumes is all part of the fun for the organization; helping is their main priority.

In an interview with Hawaii News Now, Williams shares that during his visits to kids, he is no longer called by his name, "it's just Spidey or Spider-Man."

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The superhero's journey to healing

Williams went through a rough phase in his life when he lost his mother, who was battling cancer. He thought that helping kids would be an excellent way to heal.

It became William's advocacy to service others. Plus, he put to use his love for comic book heroes when he was young.

He does all of these works while being a familiar superhero to the kids. He said, "I just want to come in and uplift them for a couple of moments that I'm there."

Aside from the kids at the hospital, Williams also visits homeless camps.

He also started a fundraiser to support the disabled, elderly, veterans, and anyone in need. The fundraiser is also used to provide art programs for the youth.

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The pandemic superhero

Since the pandemic, strict health protocols were implemented in hospitals. Because of this, Williams and his organization cannot visit sick kids in hospitals.

However, the pandemic has not stopped Williams from serving his community.

In a video that Williams shared on his Facebook page, he shared how their organization continues its advocacy. He still puts a smile on children's faces. Although this time, he does it virtually.

Williams uses Facetime and other video conferencing platform to talk to kids and encourage them.

In the same video, Williams gave help to a family with a daughter who needs money for medications. The mother was crying when Williams handed help to her.

For Williams, the things that he does for the people around him make him feel like a real superhero. Helping is like an adrenaline rush for Williams. He said, "I live for this. When I have to do something the next day, I can't sleep because I'm just excited to be helping people."

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