Signs that Your Child is Vitamin Deficient

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As parents our number one concern is the safety and health of your child. We would do anything to make sure that our child is healthy. Although vitamins and a healthy diet are just one of the very few ways to a healthy life, vitamins are also another healthy way to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients needed in order for a healthy life.

Sometimes our bodies lack certain vitamins making us deficient in that area so taking vitamins or a specifically ordered kid vitamins will help catch up in the area that we lack. 

Below are some of the symptoms of vitamin deficiency for certain categories. Remember it is proper to get your child checked out by a doctor before doing anything.

Vitamin D- The vitamin that helps our growth and makes our bones strong. So how can you tell if you are deficient in this area? Bone pain might be one of the biggest signs of vitamin D deficiency. If you are lacking this vitamin you might have problems with growth or your bones forming properly. 

Dental deformities- Another sign might be dental deformities because our teeth are bone and they rely on vitamin D for nutrients You may lack in this vitamin might have you noticing that your child's teeth are not coming in as they should be.

Vitamin C- Vitamin c is another important nutrient that we need. studies show that children 4 to 8 should be taking at least 25mg of vitamin c per day. If you start noticing that your child is bruising easily or their skin is rough and bumpy or they start to complain about pain. That may be a sign of a vitamin deficiency. 

Of course this should all be confirmed by a licensed doctor this is just a small example of ways to tell. 

Another real good way is to get your child a blood test. It might be a tad painful for them but it will give so much information on their health. Blood tests have been easy and less painful and there are many different options to get your blood results.

So what vitamins are good for your children to take?

With all the different brands of vitamins you might think that it is hard to pick the best one. We suggest that you do your research to make sure that what you are giving them is safe and appropriate for their age range. There are many different kinds of textures and flavors for your child to try. You can also use different subscription based companies to have your child's order delivered to your home on a monthly basis.

Key importance of kid vitamins

With the early development of a child's immune system making sure that you supply their immune system with healthy vitamins. 

Growth and development- Growth and brain and body development is essential in a healthy child. Vitamins are a great way to ensure that your child gets that extra boost of vitamins. 

Healthy habits- If you educate your child on healthy habits at an early age it is more likely to stick with them in the future. Incorporating vitamins and explaining to them why it is important for them to take it will make it easier for you to explain reasons why eating healthy foods is good for them and they are much more likely to understand and want to live a healthier lifestyle. 

We understand that the importance of your child's health is very important to you. So we recommend that you make a dr appointment and see if they are lacking anything and regardless if they are or not talk to your doctor about what vitamins are best for them.

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