Positive Effects of Working Moms to Other Family Members

Working moms feel guilty for not being around their kids 24/7. They might be earning like their partners, but some people still criticize them for not being there for the family during the most times of the day. Did you know that there are a whole lot of advantages a working mom's family members especially to their children? Read on to find out the positive effects working moms have on others. 

Positive role models

Children of working moms see that women may also have a professional life, and not just domestic servants. Daughters will realize that they may pursue their careers when they grow up. Sons will realize that they need to take part in household chores as well. 

Positive effects of working moms to other family members
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Less prone to depression

Based on statistics, moms who only stay at home to take care of the family are more likely to suffer from depression. And you have to believe the cliche that goes, "the secret to a happy baby is a happy mom." 

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They get breaks

Everyone needs to take breaks. Working moms get breaks from the chaos at home. It makes them miss the little ones and her partner more so she looks forward to being with them after their work shifts. 

Tend to be happy in relationships

Many women are happier in their relationships when they are more fulfilled. It makes them feel happier when their partners support them in the things that they love to do. 

Better at ignoring parenting police

Parents are concerned whether they are parenting their children right. A working mom is confident to juggle her priorities. She knows that she could take better care of her family when she is happily pursuing her career goals. 

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Manages quality time with kids

Many parents give only half of their attention to children because the other half is spent on their gadgets. Mothers who work during the day know that they have to give their full attention to kids once she gets off from work. 

Positive effects of working moms to other family members
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No risk on kids' emotional development

University College London did lots of research if children of working moms grow up emotionally deprived. They found that as long as people around her support her, mothers could work and take care of her family at the same time. 

Fewer children behavioral problems

Moms are afraid that if they work, their children would have more behavioral problems. But it turns out, kids are better behaved than those whose moms stay at home and do chores. 

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More independent children

Since working moms have to work, children tend to become more independent because they realize that their moms are not around all day. 

Kids may do better at school

Based on a study, they found that children of moms who work reported to have a GPA that is 2.6 percent than children whose mother did not work. 

Help with finances

In the US, 66 percent of married mothers are working. Having income helps moms handle some of the finances so they get to save more for future needs. 

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