House Size Matters: How Hiring a Home Cleaning Service Saves Time and Energy

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When it comes to the house's architecture, it would always depend on the individual's living perspective, which varies in structure and size. The size of the house matters when it comes to comfortable living. Hence, some would prefer a larger home, and some would go for a tiny one. Regardless of how big or small the place is, their dissimilarity would subsequently meet halfway and share similarities-regular house cleaning. 

As an essential to-do chore, the time consumed in cleaning your house relies on its size. It ensued indispensable cleaning equipment necessary for your household, which would take some space. Thus, to have a clutter-free home with ease, hiring a professional cleaning company is an efficient way of preserving your time and energy. 

Common Types of Houses

The house is the sanctuary of a family or an individual where they spend most of their time. When deciding and selecting the type of abode, their primary considerations are their ideals and living practicality. Primarily, there are three types of houses that people commonly consider: the bungalow, duplex, and three-story, which provide distinctive features.

1. Bungalow

While realtors jargon classifies a bungalow as a small single-level home, it is indeed a particular house style. Tracing back its foundation, it all began in South Asia, specifically in the Bengal region. Generally, it is designed to have a wide roof covering the front porch and the house itself. 

This house commonly has two to three bedrooms with built-in cabinets, and its standard size is 72 meters squared with an internal width of 7.4 meters. And, an average of 220 meters squared plot size, which includes a parking space and garden. 

Although bungalows are adequate in size, it still has house outskirts like garden and porch.  The garden grows unwanted weeds and filthy remnants, and a front porch that is prone to dust and undesirable remains as it is externally exposed. Furthermore, since its internal area is limited, piling and organizing stuff when cleaning could be difficult, and movements become restricted.

2. Duplex

An extended family usually buys a duplex housing unit to keep relatives close-a multifamily dwelling. It is a single two-story house separated by either vertical division with an entrance door each or a divided complete apartment on each floor. Some homeowners often turn the vacant house into a profitable income source as they permit renters to inhabit the place.

Since it's a two living unit in a single dwelling, it occupies a wide area and erects at 1,580 square feet. Owners have separate property, such as the garage, porch, and lawn or garden.

Cleaning a duplex house would take numerous hours, especially if you solely do it. You have two big units to clean, and you may encounter technical problems when cleaning equipment malfunction. There can be a drastic problem on the other side of the house when renters don't maintain the surroundings' cleanliness because it reflects the duplex's holistic image and its people.

3. Three-story House

A three-story house is indeed enormous in height and area that it entails greater cleaning responsibility. This type of home has a standard of 30 feet tall, and the appropriate width depends on the architect's recommendation to the owner. 

Living in a house like this is satisfying. However, what hinders the bliss is the mess and dirt that exist in every corner. You must hire several maids or helpers to clean the whole house, but it's far expensive. If you clean it all by yourself, it will take two or more days to finish, and you wouldn't have the chance to do your favorite things. 

Of Time and Energy: Why Hire Cleaning Services?

1. Saves Time

You might be asking, how long is the Cleaning time for my house when professionals do it? Since they are professional cleaners, it would significantly take them less time compared to you doing it by yourself. It's ideal to hire this kind of service because they have the right professional cleaning personnel with the right cleaning equipment.

A cleaning service company has the right people in their team who have lots of experience with house cleaning, making them suitable for the job. Their intensive experience in cleaning in different house sizes is shown through their thorough cleaning execution. Besides, the package includes professionals with the right equipment, which makes the process fast.

2. Saves Energy

The bungalow, duplex, and three-story are the common types of houses. These houses are varied in size and house features. But what they share in common is they occupy wide spaces, and cleaning can become tiresome if solely done. To make life easier, hiring a cleaning service company will save your energy. Since they have several cleaning personnel, they will have finished cleaning in a matter of a day or less, unlike doing it single-handedly. 


Big or small, your house would always require regular house cleaning to maintain its welcoming ambiance. Doing it all by yourself would require tremendous effort and take many hours that are supposedly for more essential chores. Thus, hiring a cleaning service provider will help you refine your house at your means and comfort.

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