Teen House Party Violated Social Distancing, School Forced to Delay in-Person Classes

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A teen house party that violated a state law forced a local high school to delay in-person learning.

A couple from Massachusetts and their teenage child face criminal charges for hosting a teen house party, the Sudbury Police Department said. The incident forced Lincoln Sudbury Regional School High School to delay their in-person classes to avoid potential health risks to the school community.

On the evening of September 11, the police responded to a large drinking party report involving underage individuals. At least 50 high school students attended the party held in the basement of a private Sudbury residence in Massachusetts. It was not known if teens from nearby towns also attended the party.

Teen house party defied state-mandated social distancing and face mask-wearing

Sudbury Police Department says that people who attended the house party were not social distancing or even wearing face masks. Many of the students fled to the woods upon the police's arrival. Others provided false names while some made threatening remarks to the responding officers.

The couple and their child were charged with violating Massachusetts Social Host Law. Under this law, those who furnish alcohol to a person under 21 face a fine of up to $2,000 or imprisonment for up to one year, or both. Charges were already filed in Framingham District Court against the parents while their child was charged in Framingham Juvenile Court.

The Sudbury Board of Health said that there are no known positive COVID-19 cases involving the students that attended the house party. Due to the lack of information, the board cannot make an adequate assessment of the risk to the school community.

Local high school shifts to remote-learning for 14 days

Lincoln Sudbury Regional School High School was initially set to start their in-person classes on September 15. Due to the incident, they will go all-remote for 14 days.

The Board of Health and LSRHS advise those who attended the party to undergo COVID testing and notify the Board of Health and the Lincoln Sudbury Regional School High School health office should anyone show any symptoms.

"I just think it's a shame," a resident told NBC Boston, "You are not supposed to break the law period." "You don't want your kids to start drinking so young."

"I think they are simple rules to follow, and they should have followed that," commented another parent.

Other parents shared the same sentiment and expressed their disappointment. Others, however, are disappointed by the board's decision. They said that they don't think it is going to change much since the school is doing hybrid learning for half days.

Still, parents agree that the decision is going to make it difficult for parents and children. Especially that many parents are already planning to go back to work.

According to NPR.org, other Massachusetts high schools also delayed in-person classes because of similar incidents. Particularly in Dedham, Reading, and the Dover-Sherborn area.

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