3-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday With His Superheroes — Their Neighborhood Sanitation Crew

Photo: (Photo : Julia Reader on Facebook)

For his third birthday, this little boy got what he wanted: celebrate with his favorite superheroes - their neighborhood sanitation crew.

While everyone was staying home during the COVID-19 quarantine, Wolfgang Reader got to meet his new friends, the local garbage workers who drop by their neighborhood every Friday. CBC noted that Wolfang took a liking to the crew and even put up a sign on the lawn with the words "Thank you, essential workers." That was the beginning of this little boy's friendship with their sanitation crew. 

Wolfy has newfound friends in their neighborhood sanitation crew

Wolfgang would always see to it that he will be there with his garbage toy trucks when the crew arrives. Once they arrive, he waves them down and hangs out with them. It has been Wolfgang's "highlight" throughout the pandemic, his mom, Julia said.

The crew, particularly, Drew and DJ, would always take time to chat with the boy and check out his latest toy garbage truck. They even have an occasional popsicle and happy dance. The crew truly have grown to love the boy, so much so that they now call themselves his "Wolfpack."

Thus, when Julia told Wolfgang that because of the pandemic, they could not have a party for his upcoming birthday, she suggested that he could invite a friend or two to help him celebrate. "Without hesitation," the boy answered, "Drew and DJ." Julia recalls that they laughed it off upon hearing Wolfy's response. His birthday falls on a Wednesday, so it may not be possible that the crew could make it.

Grandma saves the day

Luckily, Wolfy's grandma had a plan in mind. She wrote a letter to the City of Toronto, letting them know how passionate her grandson is about garbage trucks and how much he loves Drew and DJ. She added that for his birthday, the boy wishes to have them stop by. However, weeks had passed but the family did not receive a response.

The morning of Wolfy's birthday, DJ and Drew's supervisor showed up to inform them that a garbage truck might drop by for the boy's birthday. Thus, they prepared the house for Wolfangs' garbage truck-themed birthday celebration.

True enough, the Wolfpack made a surprise appearance -- unfortunately though, DJ is on vacation that day and could not make it. However, Drew was there along with the crew and their trucks, blaring their horns as they arrive. Wolfgang was speechless but noticeably happy as he waves at the crew.

The crew came with their gifts, including a high-visibility employee shirt for Wolfy, and howled out their windows, Julia said. And they even let Wolfy honk the horn. "Does it get any better!?"

Julia told CBC that she was super happy to see Drew come out and take time to play with her son. The crew spent about 45 minutes making sure that the boy was enjoying his birthday celebration.

Wolfy is already going to school now, so he is not able to see his friends and their garbage truck anymore. But, the happy memories of his 3rd birthday, "he'll never forget it." Julia said, "it was very cool."

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