Kate Middleton Vs Camilla Parker-Bowles: Duchess Threatened As Prince Charles Prepares To Be The Next King [Rumors]

Earlier reports suggest that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge is next to the throne after Queen Elizabeth. However, it seems not to be the case and Kate Middleton is tensed with the possible escalation of Camilla Parker-Bowles, as Prince Charles prepares to be the next king.

According to OK! Magazine Queen Elizabeth III made history by being the longest-reigning British monarch. She will be stepping down on Sept. 9, with Prince William and Kate Middleton to assume the throne.

However, Gossip Cop was quick to clear the report. According to a site, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said that it was not true. They stressed that the report was a royal lie, citing that no palace source would ever addressed the  Queen's firstborn by just his first name, instead they will refer to him as "Prince Charles" or "The Prince of Wales."

There is indeed a big possibility that the throne will not be assumed by the younger Prince William and Kate Middleton.  A new report from CelebDirtyLaundry revealed that Middleton's power struggle with the Duchess of Cornwall escalates with Prince Charles preparing for the throne.

There has been a growing feud between the two Duchesses according to the reports. GLOBE Magazine via CelebDirtyLaundry claimed that Camilla doesn't agree with Kate's commoner approach to parenting. She called Kate's royal babies "spoiled brat" and even accused Middleton as just like the Kardashians.

"Don't blame me! You're making the Royal Family a laughingstock. You arrange so many photo opportunities with George, you should be doing your own reality TV show. You could become like those awful Kardashians and do a show called Keeping up with the Waleses," Camilla said according to the source."

Kate and the Middletons might have underestimated Prince Charles for being a pushover who lives by the demands of Queen Elizabeth,  but the monarch is controlling some aspects of Kate's life. In fact, when Kate and Prince William were engaged, he ordered that Kate's body guards were all females for fear that she will cheat on Prince William. He was considering how Princess Diana fell in love with her male bodyguard.

If Prince Charles will be the next king, Camilla will gain power over Kate, and this is something the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't want to leave by chance. That is why, perhaps, Carole Middleton is starting to be cordial with Camilla and reports are coming up that Kate is attempting to make friends with Camilla after giving birth to Princess Charlotte.

As Prince Charles prepares for the throne, his power grows, and so do Kate's fears for her future. Kate is concerned on what Prince Charles and Camilla will do to her and the meddling Middleton after Queen Elizabeth's death.

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