[Watch] Officer Revives Baby After He Suddenly Stopped Breathing

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A bodycam video captures police officers successfully provided infant CPR after a 10-week-old baby suddenly stopped breathing.

On September 2, 2020, at around 4 p.m., a mother approached the local police station because her baby wasn't breathing, 9News noted. Sergeant Paul James happened to be there at the time and wasted no time giving CPR on the baby.

In a video released by the Gracemere police station, the officers can be seen gathered around the baby to assist Sergeant Paul James who was trying to resuscitate the infant. He gently compresses the boy's chest. "Come on buddy," the officer said while he conducts compression.

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Baby showed signs of life seconds later

Then the baby, identified as Lucas, started showing signs of life after about 30 seconds. "I can see a lip movement," a woman said, "we've got a gasp." His hand then started to warm up. As Lucas's heartbeat and pulse return, he lets out a gasp for air. Then the officers quickly turned him into the recovery position as he tries to cry.

Seconds later, baby Lucas starts to breathe again and his face returns to a normal color. The officers continued to care for him until paramedics arrived and who immediately took him to the Rockhampton Base Hospital.

Baby was diagnosed with hypothyroidism

The baby was then airlifted to the Queensland Children's Hospital for special treatment. He spent five weeks at the hospital and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The mother, who lives in Gracemere, Queensland, returned to the police station with Lucas days later. She personally thank the officers who help save her baby's life. She was then gifted with a stuffed toy as a reminder of their meeting.

Speaking to 7News, Sergeant Paul James said that it was incredible to watch everyone click into their own role. He said that people did what is needed to be done and make sure that everything went smoothly.

Things went from zero to a million

It was an emotional time for them, he said. After all that happened, everyone just kind of wandered and said that in a matter of seconds, things went from zero to a million. James said that what happened that afternoon was quite daunting but satisfying at the same time. While everyone's got a lot of jobs and things to do, not everyone gets positive results.

Gracemere station officer-in-charge Matthew Hows said he is proud of his officers for their "exceptional work" given the intense circumstance.

About hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. When a baby is born with this condition, it is called congenital hypothyroidism. It occurs when the thyroid gland doesn't properly develop which can either be that it is missing, too small or develops on the wrong side of the neck.

Early signs of congenital hypothyroidism include jaundice, sleeping longer than usual, weak muscle tone, constipation, swelling around the eyes, poor growth, pale skin, swollen tongue, and large belly with its navel sticking out.

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