New York Guy Uses Dad Jokes to Spread Positivity and Laughter in His Community

A New York guy thought his dad jokes could bring a smile to his community, so he brought them out of their house and made signages for people to see.

Even if dad jokes are not as funny as they come out for some children, these can sometimes brighten up another person's day.

New York Guy Uses Dad Jokes to Spread Positivity and Laughter in His Community
(Photo: Facebook of Wood Latour)
New York Guy Uses Dad Jokes to Spread Positivity and Laughter in His Community

The New York guys even post the signages that he makes on his Facebook account.

Woody Latour has been doing this for 200 days. He thought of this when the coronavirus pandemic struck the world. He wanted to share some positivity through his jokes.

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Making the dad jokes signages

Every morning, the New York guy cuts the paper and takes out his markers to write the signages for his jokes. He writes his jokes by hands for people to appreciate and have a good laugh.

Outside his home at Haverling Street, Latour posts his jokes.

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Dad jokes posted online

Aside from the people who pass by his home, there are people from other states and even other countries who laugh and wait for Latour's jokes.

After posting outside his home, the New York guy would take a picture of the signage that he made and post it online.

According to reports, his jokes have reached places like Alabama and countries like South Africa and Australia. Latour said, "ever since this story first got picked up we heard from friends in San Diego, Maine, Canadian Provinces like Alberta and Ontario that they saw my story."

Also, Latour's jokes are heard through a local radio station in their area. He sends one joke a day which is aired every morning at the WVIN Bath.

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What were the jokes?

Here are some of the jokes posted by Latour on his page:

  • What kind of lights did Noah use on his ark? FLOODLIGHTS!
  • Why are prisoners bad musicians? Because they're always behind a few bars and can't find the key!
  • To neigh or not to neigh, that is the equestrian!
  • I used to have a job collecting leaves. I was raking it in!
  • Why couldn't the green peeper practice archery? He didn't habanero!
  • What school requires you to drop out to graduate? SKYDIVING SCHOOL!
  • Where does the Geometry teacher send students when they complain of being cold? Into the corner where it's 90 degrees!
  • What do you say to comfort an English Teacher? There, They're Their!
  • Why was the Math Teacher such a good dancer? He had Algorithm!

Since Latour started this project, he has already made 200 signages of his jokes.

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