Parents Ask: How to stop panic attacks experienced by kids [What to do]

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Knowing how to stop panic attacks in children is essential.

Children, as well as young people, can find it hard to express themselves and their concerns. In which these can result in bottled up emotions. If these feelings are not taken care of, these can affect their mental health and can lead to sudden panic attacks.

Panic attacks are sudden episodes of extreme fear that trigger physical reactions even when there is no real danger or cause. When these occur, it may feel like they are losing control, having a heart attack, or even dying. That is frightening, mainly when it happens to kids. 

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So, how to stop panic attacks, and how can you help during panic attacks in kids? Here are the ways:

Be the one in control.

As a parent or someone older, you are in charge. So, you need to remain in control and remember that a kid who is in the middle of a panic attack has lost their sense of control. That is scary and overwhelming, especially for their young age. 

Talk to them calmly

During panic attacks, you need to talk to them calmly; but be firm and gentle. Use words that they can easily understand when you describe what they are feeling or experiencing.

Describe anxious as feeling wobbly or feeling scared. By doing this, you will send a message to them with a sense of safety, confidence, and security. That can also help in how to stop panic attacks or how to better handle them. 

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Soothe your child

You need to remember that in knowing how to stop panic attacks or help in handling panic attacks, you need to soothe your kids. Make sure that they feel safe and not alone.

However, be careful not to minimize their stress. Don't tell them that they are okay because they are not. Instead, tell them that you know they are not okay, that having a panic attack feels scary, but that it will end soon. Remind them that panic attacks always end. 

Give them time to calm down

It is not an instant thing to do. When children experience panic attacks, although you did everything you can that you think will help them calm, it doesn't mean that they will calm down quickly after. 

Give the kids time and do not rush them. They will need all the time that they can get to regain their sense of self, control, and composure. 

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Help them avoid the panic attack trap.

When children first experience their panic attacks, they will become scared of having another one. Because of this, they will avoid activities and situations that they think and that they feel will trigger their panic attack. 

That will result in children avoiding school, sports, social activities, family events, and even to the extent of leaving the house. As their parent or someone who knows better, you have to teach them that in avoiding such things, the harder the anxiety they will feel. 

Make them understand the importance of having to face situations like these regardless. 

If you are worried about your child's mental health, it is also recommended that you seek professional help. 

Doing this can help you, and your child know more about the tools and techniques to use to prevent and manage panic attacks. 

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