An Elderly Couple Who Both Beat COVID-19 Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary

An elderly couple from Pittsburgh celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary after both of them survived COVID-19.

Steve Orlando, 92, and Marie Orlando, 89, got married on Sept. 2, 1950, just a year after they met. It has also just been a year since Marie graduated from high school, and Steve had just ended a two-year duty in the U.S. Army. The couple met while Steve was playing on the same sandlot football team as Marie's brother.

They raised six children who gave them 15 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. Marie is a homemaker while Steve is a plumber and still goes into work with his grandson.

Plans were canceled due to COVID-19

They already had plans to celebrate their anniversary this year with the rest of the family. However, the coronavirus pandemic hit, and they had to hold off on their plans.

The couple then had to isolate themselves as the pandemic started to spread. Speaking to Good Morning America, Marie said they were stuck in the house, and their daughters would shop and cook for them and then leave things at the door.

The family contracts COVID-19

In July, Marie had to be hospitalized for heart valve replacement surgery. Janet Bartley, one of her daughters, accompanied her. When she went home, she said she lost her appetite; then, Steve also felt the same. She, her husband, Janet, and her family tested positive for COVID-19.

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Marie said that her children getting the virus was their worst fear, but they all ended up contracting it. She said she knew she had contracted the virus because she couldn't eat. "I knew one of use had to eat," she told WTAE-TV, but her husband won't do anything. She decided to eat not because she wanted to but to get well and take care of her husband.

"We're very lucky we got through it."

Except for Steve, All family members, including Marie, only showed mild symptoms and quickly recovered from COVID-19. As for Steve, he became dehydrated and was hospitalized for two days.

Marie is thankful that they both made it. They were very lucky, she said but feels sorry for people their age who didn't make it. They then waited for more than a month to fully recover from the disease.

And so, last Saturday, the couple, together with their children, celebrated their anniversary after beating the coronavirus. Their children credit their parents for being such wonderful role models who showed them what true love means. Their daughter, Annamarie Kison, said their parents showed them how to get along with their partner and how to love every minute of being with them.

The couple said that a good family and good health is their secret to their long-lasting relationship. Steve said that he has a happy family and that they do everything together. Marie said that it is a little hard starting out, but you could bear it with real love.

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