Teen with Rare Intestinal Disease Receives Surprise Halloween Party

A teen with a rare intestinal disease receives a surprise Halloween party from "Good Morning America." She has spent her life going in and out of the hospital.

Doctors diagnosed Kyree Beachem with Hirschsprung's disease. She told "Good Morning America" that she could not do a lot of stuff because she "was pretty sick." She said that she could not do what normal kids do, such as biking, swimming, or even drinking.

The disease starts at birth

The Mayo Clinic describes the 13-year-old's condition as a disease affecting the large intestine. It usually starts at birth, where the baby's colon has nerve cells in the missing muscle. It causes the person to have difficulty digesting food.

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UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's chief of pediatric transplantation, George Mazariegos, M.D., explained Beachem's condition. He said that the child would have significant abdominal and belly pain whenever she would try to eat.

teen with rare intestinal disease, receives surprise halloween party
(Photo: Facebook/Kyree's Dream Team)

Had her first organ transplant

At the age of three, Beachem had already undergone her first organ transplant, but her body rejected it. She had to received nutrition through an IV that was hidden in a pink backpack that she carried around. She had to receive the IV for about 22 hours per day while she waited for another transplant.

One of the scariest times

Nan Beachem, the teen's adoptive mom, shared that it was probably one of the scariest times of their life. She said that they knew they were losing their daughter with every trip back and from the hospital.

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Beachem had a quadruple organ transplant before Christmas in 2015. She received a new pancreas, liver, and both small and large intestines. Her mom said that thanks to that, her daughter could finally go to the beach without worries.

Continuous medication

Although the teen had a successful transplant, her body rejected the organ once again. Due to her ailment, she had to take a low-dose steroid that causes her face to swell. But even though Beachem had to be hospitalized, she still stays positive.

Posted by Kyree's Dream Team on Thursday, June 21, 2018  

UPMC's CEAT program coordinator, Kory Antonacci, said that the teen is one of the most incredible girls she has ever met. She said that as soon as Beachem walks into the room, the room lights up immediately.

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Surprise Halloween party

"GMA's" TJ Holmes decided to give Beachem a surprise Halloween party because of her positive spirit. They also invited the child's favorite singer, Kelsea Ballerini, to leave a special message for her.

The singer told Beachem that she is always thinking of her and is wishing her and her mom well. She is also hoping to see the child soon. Beachem was thankful because she loved the surprise party.

The outlet also gave 300 children who were in the hospital a gift card in honor of Beachem. Nestle also gifted $15,000 to the hospital because the 13-year-old's story inspired them.

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