5-Year-Old Girl Raises Money to Help Feed Animals at Local Shelter

When she learned that the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) is low on dog and cat food, this 5-year-old girl from Boise, Idaho, decided to raise money to buy food for the animals with the help of her mother. 

Elliot Phillips-Hallock is passionate about two things, caring for her pets and doing art. She has two cats and two dogs. "I just like to do every art," she told KTVB 7. So when she learned that IHS is in need of more cat and dog food donations, she thought of selling her painting to help the animal shelter.

She loves animals and painting

"It was no surprise she wanted to help the animals, her mother, Alyssa Hallock, said. "She loves the animals," she added. That is why it didn't surprise her when she heard her daughter came up with the idea of selling her paintings to raise funds for the animals.

Elliot said that she really wanted to paint and thought that she could make some painting so "people can be happy" and so that the animals can live safely and "have fun." And so, paint she did. She was working hard at each painting for several days. In all, she completed more than fifty paintings.

Mom shares her paintings on social media

From flowers to animals, "from flamingos to outer space," Alyssa said the Elliot did all. Then Alyssa helped promote the paintings through social media, along with a video from Elliot requesting people to buy the paintings for charity.

"We heard that Idaho Humane Society did not have food for the animals," Allysa said in her video, "So, I wanted to help by making paintings, and people will give their money, and we can buy the food."

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The support they got was better than they expected

At first, Alyssa thought they might be able to sell a couple of paintings, which would be a great experience for Elliot. She said that the next thing they knew, all 20 paintings had been spoken for, and people were asking for more, and more are asking for custom painting. "That's how we hit 50," she explained.

Her paintings have raised more than $900, and they used all of the money to buy food for the cats and dogs at the shelter. Elliot said that they bought the food, toys, and other supplies from Zamzows, which also donated a $100 gift card, and Pet Smart.

They were able to deliver three wagon-full of food, toys, and supplies for the animals. Elliot said that IHS also gave them a tour and got to see all the animals at the shelter. She said that a lot of people there were very, very happy.

"I'm just so proud of her," Hallock said about her daughter, "it explodes in my heart." She said she was also proud of her family and friends, including strangers, who have supported Elliot in her efforts.

Elliot said that she felt good about it and that what she has done is really helping the animals a lot.

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