What to Teach Children About Marriage: 10 Essential Things They Need to Know

How to teach children about marriage is one difficult task for parents. Because although couples have experienced getting wedded, not all know how to get their kids ready in the future. 

Most daughters grow up believing that a happily-ever-after awaits them after they said their "I dos." They look forward to finding their ideal man but forgetting how to become the wife that they have to be. Here are ten essential things children need to know before they get married. 

Marriage is about you and me against the problem

Teach your children that getting married means being on the same team with their partners. You could start by showing your kids how you parent as their mom and dad. Work and sacrifice together and celebrate each other's successes. 

Give, give, and give

A person gets married not to make him or herself happy, but to make the other party happy. Usually, a person's selfishness comes out in marriage. Start small by teaching your kids the importance of giving. Let them know that in marriage, couples should make sure to give to make their partners happy. 

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Work together as you work differently

No two individuals think alike all the time. Teach your children that men and women are different in many ways. In marriage, couples need each other's perspective to learn and grow. Never talk bad about the opposite gender because it could affect your children's views in life. 

Marriage is a gift

Your children should know that marriage is both amazing and wonderful if they are in it with their spouses together. As parents, you should show them the standards, so they know how to find the right one. And when they do, they would not even feel that they have to sacrifice for one another. 

Marriage is about improving oneself

Teach your kids that when they unite with their partners, they should continuously improve themselves. Tell them that they should never attempt to change their spouses. They should know that when their partners feel their love and support, they are more inclined to change for the better. 

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Learn to forgive

While your children might believe that marriage is always happy, it is not. They should learn that everyone makes mistakes, so they should learn to forgive their spouses, the same way they are forgiven when they apologize. 

Lean toward their spouses

Your children should know that when they get married, they should learn to understand one another. It is essential because they are joining two goals, plans, and traditions into one. Hard times will surely come, and they need to lean on one another. 

Marriage is not only about sex, but intimacy

Making love is one way to stay in love, but intimacy is needed to have a good marriage. Teach them that men and women feel differently about sex.

Marriage is a continuous decision between two parties

Your kids should know that being in a marriage is not about compatibility. They should know that it is a continuous decision between two people to fall in love with one another over and over again. 

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Marriage is just the beginning

Fairy tales make little girls believe that after the wedding bells, it is the end. Teach your children that they should keep doing what they did as a couple before they got married. 

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