Kristen Bell Teaches Her Children: Beauty Is Not a Standard

Kristen Bell teaches her children that "Beauty is not a standard." The Hollywood actress shared in an interview with POPSUGAR that she gives this lesson to her kids along with topics that cover self-esteem and building confidence.

Beauty is a rainbow

Aside from imparting to her kids, that beauty is not a standard, the celebrity mom shares, "I want to teach them that number one, beauty is a rainbow.

The Hollywood actress emphasized, "It's all different colors. It's all different shapes. It's all different sizes. It's all different styles.

She tells her kids whenever they talk about the beauty that it is subjective and is not the standard.

Kristen Bell Teaches Her Children: Beauty Is Not a Standard
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Kristen Bell Teaches Her Children: Beauty Is Not a Standard

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Beauty is also a feeling

In her interview with POPSUGAR, the celebrity mom continues to explain why she thought of explaining beauty to her kids in this way.

Kristen Bell said, "You will feel attractive if you are happy, you will be happy if you have self-esteem, you will have self-esteem if you are doing esteemable acts." The actress said that feeling attractive can be done with whatever makes you feel happy. Even if these acts include making someone else happy, then it also applies.

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The Clinique Bonus

In the same interview, Kristen Bell shared that when she was 14 years old, she had this thought that a Clinique Bonus was so invigorating.

She shared this story about her and her mom waiting in line for the Clinique Bonus. These bonuses were given to customers who would purchase $40 worth of products.

The celebrity mom said, "People waited in huge lines for it - it was major. My mom said she'd give me her Clinique Bonus, and I freaked out, obviously."

The Hollywood actress shared that she did everything just so her mom would give her that Clinique Bonus - an adult makeup. These were the first ones that she had that is why she cherished them so much.

However, now that she is already a mom, she realized that the thrills of her life are no longer dependent on products. She said, "Beauty to me is a feeling."

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The bath bombs

With the thought that beauty is a feeling, Kristen Bell thought of incorporating this idea into her CBD brand, Happy Dance. She strongly believes that being beautiful is an inside-out approach.

The celebrity mom told POPSUGAR that she wanted to share this feeling with others through the bath bombs. She shared, "I wanted to create something that could bring that same experience of feeling light to everyone else."

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