Holidays 2020: Aussie Mom Figures out a Way to Celebrate Christmas for Free

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An Aussie mom figures out a way to celebrate Christmas for free. Samantha Lee Woods is doing Christmas for free - from buying presents to planning and making Christmas lunches!

Samantha said that Christmas for free could be done because of her crucial lesson. Her vital lesson is that loyalty pays, that is, if people will use the reward points that they earned during the whole year. 

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Paying for Christmas stuff

The Aussie mom has five kids. So, it is only expected that Christmas can be a costly time of the year. 

Following her key lesson, Samantha uses her balance from Flybuys to pay for Christmas, where she collects points every year for over 12 months. She said that it feels good that she can go to those shops and fill her trolley with things that she wants and need for Christmas and walk out of those stores without paying a single cent. 

She said that she had bought all her kids' toys for Christmas so far, and in a few weeks, she will do a big grocery shop, then, later on, all the prawns and trimmings for their Christmas lunch. 

The mom's advice

For people who want to have Christmas for free and who are planning to follow her tips, the Aussie mom said that they could do it right with the right tactics. She pointed out that the most important thing is to avoid chasing the points and match their strategy to their usual spending. 

She also said that her significant rule is to spend what she would usually spend to achieve all her points with just her typical weekly shop. She added that it could take a bit of work to start with, but the system should work smoothly if people put in the effort. 

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Intending to have Christmas for free by using reward points, Samantha warned people of the schemes where stores will offer its member's bonus points for spending a certain amount or buying a particular item. 

The mother said that people should be careful with this because this is where they can fall into the trap of target spending or buy things that they do not need, which will lead to spending out of their budget. 

Using reward points

The Aussie mom who is having Christmas for free said that she would buy nonperishable items if ever she was $20 under than with her usual shop. She said that she might buy an extra washing powder or some toilet paper or something that she knows she will need and will use later on. 

Having Christmas for free through these reward points can be done if one is set on doing so. 

Taylor Blackburn, a money specialist, said that if one is going to spend a fair bit of money before they see a lot of these rewards come back their way, looking on the right side, it is the things that they are buying anyway that they might as well be rewarded for their loyalty. 

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