Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Effective for Some Teens, Study Proves

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Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine showed to be effective for teens ages 16 to 17. While some experienced side effects after getting injected with the vaccine, less than five percent of them had "severe reactions." 

Together with the US Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer released the most detailed information to date regarding the vaccine. According to "," the company wants to have it approved this week. 

Big data is highly encouraging

The large data from 38,000 drug trial volunteers is highly encouraging. Although findings from the first release remain consistent, this number far exceeds the original data release. The research team found that 95 percent of patients produced antibodies within seven days after they had their second dose. 

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The study noted results were all good regardless of age, race, or ethnicity. According to the Pfizer data, subjects showed some immunity after receiving the first two doses of the vaccine. The research team believes that the vaccine will be effective for teens ages 16 to 17. 

Not sure if the vaccine is safe for children

Researchers noted that they could not say how the bodies of children would react once injected with the vaccine. Further, they stated that while some experienced adverse effects such as headache, pain, and chills, they said that only five percent of them had "severe" reactions. 

More severe adverse reactions after the second dose

Based on the Pfizer report, the research team stated that some had injection site reactions, while others had fatigue and headache. Other exhibited muscle pain, chills, joint pain, and fever. Only zero to 4.6 percent of the patients reported having severe side effects. 

In it, the research team also stated that the severe reactions were found more after the subjects' second dose than after their first one. 

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Experts remind people that the side effects are not something to worry about. They said that the adverse reactions show that the vaccine is building your immune defense, proving that the vaccine is doing what it was supposed to do. 

News about other drugs

There are also other drugs coming before the FDA soon that are proven to be mostly positive. One week behind Pfizer, Moderna is also seeking FDA approval for the vaccine it has produced. So far, the research team also saw positive results same as the Pfizer's. 

According to the UK and Brazil's early test results, AstraZeneca and Oxford University have also produced a safe and effective vaccine. The third vaccine showed 70 percent effectivity against the deadly virus. 

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However, one should take note that there are still some questions about whether it is effective at protecting the elderly. In the medical journal Lancet, data did not show if the vaccine is effective for people over the age of 55. 

Will it require parental approval? 

If parents are anti-vaxxers, teens could take the vaccine without parental consent. The DCist reported that a bill was passed to allow children ages 11 and up to take their vaccines without seeking the consent of their parents. 

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