Former U.S. Army Returns Home to Start Family; After 3 Years Welcomes Daughters from Two Different Women

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Kylie Pierce served in the U.S. Army in Iraq for nine months. When he returned, he was eager to start a family with his wife, Kelsi Pierce. However, he found out his wife had fertility issues. It would seem only miracle pregnancies could save them, which did.

Troubles Getting Pregnant

Kelsi shares how it has always been her dream to become a mother. But, doctors discovered then-27-year-old Kelsi had low ovarian reserve. Imagine being told by your doctor that your body, fertility-wise, is like that of a 40-year-old when you are only in your twenties.

After successfully going through IVF, doctors discovered a new problem — her uterus lining was too thin for pregnancy. The couple tried everything the doctors advised to thicken her uterus lining. Yet nothing worked. Even worse, doctors found bother tubes were blocked. Her case was unexplained fertility, Good Morning America reported.

What Other Options Are There to Have a Family?

It was then that the doctors presented other options to the couple. One was adoption, an option that costs around $43,000 a child in the U.S. Their other option was gestational surrogacy, but would set them back by around $90,000 to $130,000, Cafe Mom reported.

By then, the couple exhausted their savings. From fertility pills to in-vitro fertilization and two years of trying to prepare her uterus lining for pregnancy, the costs to start a family had the couple feeling depressed.

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Grandma Cooks Up a Plan

Lisa Rutherford planned to help her daughter and son-in-law. She saw the couple's struggles. She heard the couple was considering gestational surrogacy. Then a thought came to her mind, she knew it was not uncommon for grandmothers to give birth to their grandchildren through surrogacy.

"Parents always want their kids' lives to be better, even easier and more fulfilling than their own lives," revealed Kelsi's mom. "Well, I may not have $100,000 to give you, but I can do something without question to make your dream come true," Rutherford told her daughter.

Rutherford went to her own doctor and told her plan. She went through tests and evaluations, and even prepared her body to be in tiptop condition. Finally, on February 7, she had the embryo transfer. On February 15, grandma's pregnancy was confirmed.

Second Pregnancy Considered a Miracle

The couple was over the moon. They were finally having a baby with the help of Kelsi's mom. Kelsi stopped taking her fertility medications.

But, one day, out of habit, she took a pregnancy test kit (of which she used to buy in bulk). For the first time, Kelsi saw two lines. She could not believe it, but a second test confirmed it — she too was pregnant.

The mother-and-daughter shared pregnancy tips and tricks together. They FaceTimed each other's doctors' appointments since Rutherford lived in Michigan and the Pierces were in Minnesota.

Rutherford revealed that when she was pregnant in her twenties, she did not exercise and eat well, so she was sick a lot. But being pregnant in her fifties and with her grandchild, she really researched, ate well, and stayed in the best shape possible.

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Almost-Twin Miracle Sisters Born

Everly Pierce was the first born on October 1. Her grandmother gave birth to her at 36 weeks of gestation via C-section. Rutherford had preeclampsia. The Pierces drove to Michigan in time for the birth of their firstborn daughter.

Everly did not cry when she was born. She was without color and was transferred to another hospital for neo-natal intensive care. She was discharged on her biological mother's birthday, October 6.

7 weeks and 3 days later, Ava Pierce was born on November 23 via natural childbirth. The U.S. Army veteran was so proud of her daughters and grateful to his wife and mother-in-law.

The Pierces revealed their dream finally came true. Now, they have more appreciation for their family as it took them a long time of many struggles.

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