Blind Dad Finally Sees His Unborn Baby After Receiving Embroidered Ultrasound Scan Made by Friend

Photo: (Photo : Twitter/Nathan Edge)

A blind dad could finally see his unborn baby, thanks to a friend who made an embroidered ultrasound scan. He felt a little sad after his partner had her 12-week ultrasound, thinking that he could not understand how their baby looked like while inside the womb.

Seven years ago, Nathan Edge went completely blind. He told TODAY Parents that they shared the scans with their family after they got home from the check-up. He said that everybody was excited to see the baby for the first time.

Never been down because of blindness

The 26-year-old explained that he has never been down because of his blindness. However, when it hit him that he would not be able to see the scan of his unborn baby, he suddenly felt sad about his impairment.

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Emma Fotheringham, Edge's girlfriend, surprised him a week ago that made him appreciate being a dad. She showed him an embroidered version of their sonogram so that he could feel how his baby looked like while inside the womb.

Deb Fisher, the couple's friend, had hand-stitched their baby's ultrasound scan so Edge could also see his baby through touch. The personalized stitch allows the blind to be able to picture how a fetus looks like through feeling.

Tried to imagine based on other's description

The first-time dad said that he tried to imagine how his baby looks like based on other people's descriptions. He felt amazing that now he could finally build a proper image of his child. He noted that he could not have known how his child's scan looked like.

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Edge shared the photo of the embroidered ultrasound scan on Twitter. Since then, he has been receiving messages from across the globe. One person wrote that the beautiful image has made him consider how much he took it for granted. The person also was thankful to Edge for giving him the perspective.

People liked what he had posted

Another one wrote that the piece is both incredible and intricate, and concluded that it is a great memory for the baby once she grows up.

People who are visually impaired have also sent Edge their messages saying that they are hoping to have children someday. Edge explained that the scans of the unborn babies are an essential part of everyone's journey into becoming a parent. He noted that each one should be able to experience it.

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3D-printed ultrasound scan

A blind mom was able to see the fetus inside her after her doctors gave her a 3D-printed ultrasound scan. The doctors gifted her with the special ultrasound after they found out that the expectant mom was upset for not being able to see her baby.

It was a dream come true for the visually impaired couple. The soon-to-be parents have received the special scan a week after their 20-week check-up.

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