Black Parents Worry About Racism More Than COVID-19: Latest Study Shows

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Black parents worry about racism more than COVID-19, according to a recent study. Over recent months, there were massive demonstrations about racial injustice, which had caused it to be a national focus. 

According to the national poll done by the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, racial and ethnic differences among families have caused worries about their children's health. The top one concern of Black parents is racism. 

Among the Hispanic parents, racism ranks the sixth, while COVID-19 ranks eighth. However, among white parents, racial discrimination is not a part of their top ten health issues for their children, and COVID-19 ranks much lower. 

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Disproportional impact of COVID-19

Gary Freed, M.D., M.P.H., Mott pediatrician, and Mott Poll co-director, explained why. He said that the differences in parents' concerns between Black and White people are the disproportional impact of the deadly disease among races. 

People from the minority groups have gotten sicker and died from COVID-19 than their white counterparts. Apart from that, they are more likely to contract the disease than the other races. 

Healthcare and injuries

Black parents also rated unequal access to health care and gun injuries as their top ten concerns. White parents included the lack of physical activity in their children in their top ten concerns. 

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Freed said that the background and experiences have likely affected what the parents' concerns are for their children. The report studied children ages 18 and below from 2,027 parents and have explained the results. 

Physical and mental problems caused by racism

Racism may cause physical and mental problems among children. The research revealed that children who experience racial discrimination have higher anxiety, depression, and behavior problems. 

Freed said that while racism affects specific populations, one of the societal concerns is its effect on children's health. He also stated that parents should recognize how racism negatively affects children in communities. 

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Let children stand up against racism

The pediatrician also stated that looking for ways to let the young people join protests or support groups to help fight racism could be useful. He said that it makes a big difference if children could be a part of the solution in standing up against racism because it could instill a sense of helplessness. 

Other concerns

The study reported that parents' concerns that top the list includes excessive screen time and social media overuse; other than that, unhealthy eating, internet safety, depression, and suicide are also included as health concerns for parents due to the pandemic. 

Freed said that many children could be impacted by the significant changes they encounter in their routines, noting that families are undergoing an especially challenging time. It would be helpful for parents to encourage their kids to talk openly about how they feel to help them cope. 

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