Can Babies Go Out in Public during the Pandemic? Here are Celebrity Moms Who Took their Babies Out for a Stroll

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With orders to stay at home and maintain social distancing to prevent infection, first-time moms and moms of newborns want to know, "can babies go out in public during the pandemic?" Health experts answer this parenting question, and now celebrity moms are taking their babies out for a stroll.

Can Babies Go Outside During Pandemic?

COVID-19 can infect people of any age, yet there are relatively fewer cases of COVID-19 among children. AdventHealth pediatrician Dr. Nicole Groves answered parents' concerns about taking their newborns outside in public provided they follow all current COVID-19 precautions. In some cases, a face mask may be necessary, while at other times, moms opt to follow social distancing and other hygienic practices. If these guidelines are followed, then go ahead and take your baby out for a stroll.

"There is currently no recommendation that require infants to remain inside at all times. Newborn infants can be outside during the pandemic. Parents can take them out for stroller rides," Dr. Groves said. However, parents should take caution to observe physical distancing, be mindful of sun and insect exposure of their babies, and avoid contact with those not of their household.

Do Babies Need to Wear a Mask Outside?

According to KidsHealth, babies and toddlers age two and below should not wear a mask. Babies have smaller airways. A face mask will make it harder for babies to breathe. Further, they cannot take the mask off by themselves, increasing the risk of suffocation.

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Celebrity Moms Who Took Their Babies Out for a Stroll Amid the Pandemic

Following COVID-19 precautions, these celeb moms were able to take their newborns and babies out in public for a stroll. Walking can be a good exercise amid the pandemic. Exercise boosts our immune system to better fight COVID-19.

Gigi Hadid

New mom Gigi Hadid was seen taking her baby daughter, Zigi, out for a stroll in New York city. She gave birth in September 2020 to her first baby with Zayn Malik.

Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas and Sophie welcomed baby girl Willa in July 2020. She was spotted on numerous occasions strolling around Los Angeles with her baby. Last November, her husband joined the mom-and-daughter on their stroll.

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Lea Michele

The first-time mom welcomed her son Ever with husband, Zandy Reich. She chose an all-black stroller to take her baby boy out in public in the L.A. area.

Irina Shayk

In April, the Russian model welcomed her baby daughter Lea de Seine with Bradley Cooper. Sometime in November 2020, she was seen in NYC strolling with her baby.

Chloë Sevigny

The actress previously hid her pregnancy, but later she announced her baby with Siniša Mačković. She was seen out and about with her son Vanja Sevigny Mačković in a stroller sometime in September 2020.

The celebrity moms wore face masks while they were taking their babies outside in public for a stroll. Social distancing of at least 6 feet was also observed.

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