South Florida Pediatrician Faces Jail Time, Ordered to Stay Away from Minors

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Pediatrics specialist Dr. Michael Mizrachy, MD, faces two counts of possession of sexual performance by a child. He is accused of child pornography involvement, which could include the distribution of child porn. Photographs of children in their underwear and swimsuits were found in Mizrachy's possession. The children were seemingly unaware that they were being photographed.

Pediatrician No Longer in Practice

Mizrachy was previously affiliated with West Broward Pediatrics, who stated his arrest: "We are deeply disturbed and shocked by these accusations. His employment with the hospital was already terminated last year and is no longer associated with our medical practice."

Further, West Broward Pediatrics reached out to the families of Mizrachy's patients. They found no evidence of crimes committed by the pediatrician in the course of his duty.  

Divorced Pediatrician Ordered Supervised Visitation of His Kids

Court records from Mizrachy's divorce proceedings in the previous year showed that the pediatrician was no longer employed. Judge Corey Amanda Cawthon ordered Mizrachy to stay away from minors. Mizrachy has two children with his ex-wife. Both his kids are under the age of 18. Judge Cawthon allowed him to see his children only under supervised visitation, Sun Sentinel reported.
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Child Porn Activity Found in His Home

Investigators from Broward Sherrif's Office received a tip accusing Mizrachy of possession and distribution of child pornography. A search warrant allowed the detectives to find child porn videos and photos in the doctor's home. Mizrachy was also found using an app to chat with a 15-year-old with sexually-explicit photographs included in the chat. The 49-year-old was ordered a $30,000 bond and told to surrender his passport.

Pediatricians and Child Pornography

Unfortunately, cases like Mizrachy are not uncommon. In 2019, Edmonton pediatrician Ghassan Alnaami, 47, was arrested for possession and transmission of child porn. Like Mizrachy, Alnaami was ordered to avoid contact with anyone under 16. He was also ordered to stay away from jobs where he would be in a position of trust or authority over anyone under age 16.

Another case involved Stonington pediatrician Todd Parrilla, 48, who was caught in possession of over 100,000 child porn videos and images. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail. Finally, Christopher Pelloski, 39, the former director of Ohio State University's pediatric radiation oncology program, pleaded guilty to possession of child porn.

U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut noted of these instances, "It is a heinous crime committed by someone whose profession should have been committed to the well-being of children."

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How to Stay Safe from Pediatricians Involved in Child Porn

In all of the accounts of pediatricians involved in child porn activity, there have been no evidence or complaints of sexual abuse. Further, none of the porn material appeared to involve any of the patients, Medpage Today revealed.

Still, parents cannot be negligent. When visiting a pediatrician, be sure to remain with your child at all times. Talk to your child about body parts that are private and teach your child boundaries with their body-taking pictures of their private parts is never okay.

Further, let your child know you are there to listen to them, so they need not keep body secrets from you. When the situation becomes scary or uncomfortable for you or your child in the pediatrician's clinic, do not be afraid to step away and report untoward behavior.

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