4-Year-Old Arkansas Boy Could Develop MIS-C While Battling COVID-19, Says Doctors

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A four-year-old Arkansas boy suffers MIS-C after contracting COVID-19. Doctors said it is a serious condition affecting some children after getting ill with the deadly virus. 

On January 8, 2021, Ollie Rogers got tested for COVID-19 after he got a high fever. Two days later, he got admitted to the hospital, and later that night, his results showed that he was positive. 

Whitney Rodgers told "KARK" that they are only halfway after a long week. She learned that what her son is undergoing is not a standard case but a severe case. She explained that her son developed a fever that comes and goes shortly after Christmas. 

After Ollie became unresponsive, they brought him to the emergency room. Rodgers recalled that her son could not speak properly after becoming a lively sick child. Her son could only groan. 

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Ollie would only sleep for most of the day and could not be awake for over 15 minutes. Rodger shared a photo of her son with sensors attached to his forehead. It is used to monitor potential seizures. 

More than COVID-19

She also said that doctors use a feeding tube, heart medication and treat her son with oxygen. The doctors told Rodgers that they are not sure that Ollie only has COVID until they brought up the condition called MIS-C. 

MIS-C or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome is a serious condition that some children get after being exposed to COVID-19. Chief of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Children's Hospital, Jessica Snowden, said that families are scared when it happens to their children. 

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The condition could cause potential long-term heart problems apart from a rash, neurological issues, and inflamed organs. Snowden explained that if your kid has these symptoms and unexplained fever, you should talk to your doctor for immediate care. 

Rodgers is hoping that her toddler could fight off the condition. She is worried about the long-term effects of the condition. She hopes that her son would go back to even a portion of how full of life he was. 

Snowden shared that they have seen children cases with MIS-C and expected to see more of it as the pandemic continues to spread across Arkansas. 

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A teen also got the same condition

Sixteen-year-old Molly Maxwell was also diagnosed with the MIS-C after contracting COVID-19. Her mother, Karen, explained that Molly used to play volleyball and dance before she contracted the deadly virus. 

"KATV" reported that since November 9, Molly has been quarantining after getting the virus twice. The teen tested positive on November 25, but she was asymptomatic still while she stayed at home. 

Molly started having a fever when she returned to school. Her lymph nodes swelled and sore by the second day. Doctors prescribed an antibiotic because they thought she got a strep throat, but then her condition worsened. 

She got better the day after giving her an antibiotic shot, but her symptoms appeared again, and Molly started throwing up. And when they went back to the hospital, doctors diagnosed her with MIS-C. 

The CDC website explained that while it is not sure what causes the condition, most children have previously contracted COVID-19. Other than that, children who have not got infected were around people who tested positive with the coronavirus.

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