Dad Gets the COVID-19 Vaccine, the Doctor Is His Daughter

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dad gets the COVID-19 vaccine while staying in the care home. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine was more special for the English dad because the doctor who administered his vaccine is his daughter.

The dad, Chris, was staying in The Steppes care home since he was diagnosed with dementia 18 months ago. The facility is in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.

The daughter joins the vaccination program

The daughter, Dr. Anne Hampton, is a general practitioner near the care home facility. When she learned that a medical team from their hospital will be administering the vaccines to The Steppes residents, she did not hesitate to join the team.

Dr. Hampton thought that doing so will be a safe way to be reunited with his dad. She said, "When I realized we would be vaccinating The Steppes care home, I just thought this would be an amazing opportunity to take part in the vaccination program."

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Dad and daughter were apart for ten months

The dad and daughter have been apart for ten months. 

Dr. Hampton and his father, Chris, were only able to see each other through the window of the care home. That is why when the dad gets the COVID-19 vaccine, it was like a mini-reunion of the two.

Care facilities have been in lockdown since March because of the coronavirus pandemic. This was something that Dr. Hampton and her family did not expect to happen. 

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Dad gets the COVID-19 vaccine

Last January 1, Dr. Hampton gave the vaccine to 22 residents of The Steppes, including her father, who was the first one who got vaccinated.

Dr. Hampton was accompanied by her daughter when the dad gets the COVID-19 vaccine. Her son is a filmmaker who helped document the mini-reunion. 

In the video, the doctor's daughter said, "Hello Dad, I've come to give you your vaccination today, to stop the virus."

However, because she was wearing PPE, Chris did not immediately recognize her. 

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The mini-reunion

The dad and daughter's first reunion after the lockdown was quite emotional for the daughter. She shared in an interview with Fox News, "I feel hopeful and I'm also slightly tearful underneath this visor because it's quite an emotional day."

After administering the vaccines, the daughter had to leave the facility. But this was not all sad news to everyone since before she left, the dad and daughter were able to share a little encounter. Dr. Hampton was even able to squeeze her father's hand before leaving.

The daughter is even reminded of his dad's pride in her becoming a doctor. She said, "He was always very keen on helping people and when I became a doctor, he was so proud of me. It was such a great thing for him."

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