New Mom Nightmares: Meaning of Most Common Nightmares and Why It Happens

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Moms think about their children round-the-clock; yes, even in their sleep. New mom nightmares can be a sign of postpartum anxiety. So if you are ever anxious about a bad dream, it would be good to know the meaning behind these new mom nightmares.

Dreaming of Having More Kids

Whether you are daydreaming or dreaming of having more children while you sleep, it means that you are not ready to stop adding members to your family. Another significance of this dream has nothing to do with children. It could mean a life-changing event is on its way like a new relationship, a new move, or a new job.

Mom Has Nightmare of Losing Her Child

This nightmare can be a sign of overwhelm. New moms have increased responsibilities and it can be tough to keep up with these demands. This kind of dream can be taken as a sign to slow down and not to overextend oneself when you can ask for help.

Versions of this dream include a family member taking the child to an unknown place which indicates fear of being separated from that person. Finding your lost child is said to be of good luck while seeing a missing child poster in your dream indicates having support around you, Times of India revealed.

The Classic "Home Alone" Nightmare

In the movie "Home Alone", the young child was left unnoticed by his mother as the family hurried not to miss their flight. Many moms see this scenario play in their dreams and does not have anything to do with actually forgetting the child.

Rather, the dream suggests feelings of apprehension over a child who is becoming increasingly independent. The mom may feel she is no longer needed in the same way the child needed her as a baby. It is also a common dream among moms whose child is set to start school soon.

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Bad Mother Nightmare

New moms who lack confidence in their parenting abilities may dream of scenarios where they act like a bad mom. It could mean anxiety, fear, and uncertainty over raising a child. It could also manifest feelings of inadequacies of how you were raised, and fearing that you will repeat the same mistakes.

Abuse and Neglect of Child in Dream

This nightmare can be particularly disturbing but also quite common among new moms. It could indicate a feeling of not being heard as a child. It is a sign that you need to take care of your inner child with all its heartaches and burdens that are yet to be heard. It is a good idea to take time for yourself and seek professional advice.

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Why New Moms Have Nightmares?

Over 70% of new moms report nightmares involving their baby, Glamour reported. Postpartum nightmares are common and can be a sign that the new mom is experiencing postpartum anxiety. Further, with lack of sleep, responsibilities of caring for an infant, among other new responsibilities, new moms can feel stressed and overwhelmed leading to the nightmares.

However, be careful when you experience hallucinations. Nightmares can also be a sign of depression or something more dangerous-postpartum psychosis.

Tore Nielsen, Ph.D., director of the Dream & Nightmare Laboratory at the University of Montreal revealed that intense postpartum dreaming could be due to having more rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This happens because new moms have shorter periods of sleep which could lead to more intense and vivid dreams.

Yet, brain-imaging studies show that the part of the brain that is active during these new mom nightmares is that of vigilance and protectiveness. Violence is not activated during new mom nightmares. Rather, the new mom maintains the desire to protect her child even in her sleep. These dreams are a sign of your attachment and involvement with your child and your continuous desire to keep your baby safe.

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