Georgia Teen Who Walks Miles Everyday Receives New Car from Good Samaritan

Photo: (Photo : Facebook/Lavonda Wright Myers)

A Georgia teen who walks miles every day receives a new car from a good samaritan. The woman started a fundraiser to raise money to help the teenager go to work each day.

According to WAGA, Jayden Sutton walks from his school to his restaurant job every day. After his shift, he also walks back home to save money. He is working so he could buy his car using the money he earned from his job.

Walks from school to work to home

Recently, the high school senior from Cobb County's mom got laid off from work. Apart from that, his mother's car was totaled many weeks ago. He told the outlet that he is walking to work each day to buy himself a car.

Sutton explained that he would walk miles after his school ends at 3:30 in the afternoon. After between six to eight hours every shift, the teen would go home by walking. He would reach home at almost midnight after work.

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A classmate's mom saw the teen

Lavonda Wright saw Sutton walking down Brownsville Road in Powder Springs one day. She told the outlet how she saw that the teenager was walking fast down the road. Wright's son stopped her and told her he knew who the walking teen was.

That day, Wright decided to drive the teen to work upon learning that he was her son's classmate. As time went on, Wright realized that she had to do something to help the teen.

Started a fundraiser for the teen

A month ago, Wright started a GoFundMe page for Sutton to raise enough money to help the teen buy a new car. Initially, her goal was to raise $4,000, but thankfully, the fundraiser has raised over $7,000.

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Eventually, Wright managed to convince Nalley Honda dealership in Union City's general manager to give her a sale price to meet her budget. The manager agreed, so the good samaritan was able to buy a new car for Sutton.

The teen was very grateful for Wright. Wright shared a photo of her with the teen on Facebook. She added a caption that said how happy Sutton was upon receiving the brand new car and keys.

GOD DID IT YALL ️Plz know GOD PROVIDES️Jayden no more walking 7 miles to work after school young man. GOD bless... Posted by Lavonda Wright Myers on Thursday, January 14, 2021

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Wanted to make a difference in other's lives

After being overwhelmed by God's love, Wright wanted to make a difference in other's lives. She has been connecting with Sutton's mom ever since.

Sutton shared with WAGA a message so others working hard know that they could accomplish their dreams. His advice to the people who are doing something good or trying to reach a goal is to keep doing it because they could also get some help from somebody just like he did.

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