Mom Names Newborn After Officer That Helped Deliver Baby

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The mom and dad of a newborn baby named him after the officer that helped them deliver the baby on the side of a toll road. The officer immediately jumped into action upon learning that a pregnant woman is in labor.

On Friday afternoon, Indiana State Trooper Thomas Maymi worked during his shift when the dramatic ordeal happened on the Indiana Toll Road. According to an Indiana State Police press release, the officer observed traffic at around 12:30 in the afternoon.

The man runs across the highway to get help

Maymi noticed that a male driver had stopped his semi-truck near the 52 mile-marker on the road's westbound side. He saw that the man run across the highway so he could talk to the officer.

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Officials said that the driver, Carl Robertson, said he needed help because his pregnant wife could labor. Maymi did not hesitate and immediately jumped into action upon learning that there was an emergency.

He followed Robertson to his truck while advising dispatch to call for an ambulance. According to authorities, Maymi checked upon Robertson's wife, Shaniqua Traywick's, condition. The press release stated that Traywick told Trp. Maymi that she was in labor when the officer entered the truck.

The trooper helped to deliver their baby

Maymi knew that there was not enough time for the pregnant woman to reach the hospital to give birth. He decided he would be the one to help her deliver their newborn. Until LaPorte County EMS arrived at the scene, Maymi did his best to help Traywick with her contractions.

After two minutes, Traywick gave birth to her newborn son. State Police said that both the mom and her newborn son got transported to LaPorte Hospital after the unexpected delivery. Later on, the family confirmed that they were "doing fine." They also shared that their newborn son weighed 6 lbs., 3 oz.

Trooper Thomas Maymi is someone you want in an emergency, but don't call him a hero: Posted by ABC 7 Chicago on Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Named the baby after the trooper

To thank that trooper that helped them deliver their son, the couple decided to name their newborn after his name. They called him Malaki Thomas Robertson, where his middle name came from the officer's.

According to the release, Maymi said that he was grateful to be at the right place at the right time. Apart from that, he also wishes the family his congratulations for welcoming a newborn.

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Still in shock over what had happened

Traywick and Robertson were still in shock over their newborn son's impressive entrance into the world, as State Police stated. However, the couple was incredibly appreciative of what Maymi did to help them deliver their son.

Traywick said during the press release that they were all troopers that day.

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