How to Treat Skin Eczema in Babies, Study Reveals Its Origin

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Whether you like it or not, some babies develop skin conditions when you least expect them to. When you find patches of dry, itchy skin, it is a sign that your baby has eczema or atopic dermatitis. As a parent, here are the things that you could do to treat your baby's skin condition

How to treat skin eczema in babies

Knowing what happens to children with eczema could help parents be enlightened about treating the skin condition. Read on to find out the effective ways on how to handle your baby's skin eczema. 

Repair skin barrier

Using a gentle non-soap cleanser, bathe your little one in lukewarm water every day or two. Avoid using rough cloth when scrubbing, and never use bubble bath. Apply any topical medicines prescribed by your pediatrician after patting your baby's skin dry. 

Immediately apply moisturizer after bath to help lock in the moisture. Petroleum jelly or any greasy alternatives are your best bet. Make sure that you dress your child in soft fabrics, preferably with a hundred percent cotton clothes. 

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Reduce the itch

Trim your child's nails and have her wear cotton gloves to prevent scratching. Apply wet treatments right after applying medicine and moisturizers. 

Heal irritated skin

Topical steroid medicines help heal irritated eczema rashes or inflammation. Ask your child's doctor for the right combination for your baby's needs. Topical steroids are safe and effective when used correctly. 

There are non-steroid eczema treatments too. You can use them on delicate areas of the skin, such as eyelids, groin, and armpits. They use different active ingredients than steroids. 

Manage and prevent skin infections

Parents should note any signs of skin infections because bacteria and viruses help exacerbate skin eczema rashes. Any crusting, oozing, pus bumps, worsening rash, or blisters may mean that the treatment you are using is not effective. The doctor may prescribe antiviral or antibiotics to treat infections. 

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To prevent infections, you could bathe your baby in diluted bleach baths. Mix a half cup of plain household bleach or a third cup of concentrated bleach into a tub of lukewarm water. Make sure to use plain and unscented bleach products. Otherwise, it could worsen the irritation. 

Developmental origins of skin eczema

A recent study reveals that patients with inflammatory skin disease cause reactivation of cellular processes from development. The research team found that skin from eczema and psoriasis patients have the same molecular pathways in their developing skin cells. 

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Co-senior author of the study, professor Muzlifah Haniffa, said that people with eczema and psoriasis over-activate their immune cells and cause their disease. The study showed how healthy skin tissue develops, which could be used for regenerative medicine. 

Dr. Sarah Teichmann, co-senior author, explained that the map shows a new way of thinking about inflammatory diseases. She said that it could help researchers study the cause of the disease and find new ways of treating them. 

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