Natalia Diamante Bryant at 18: Kobe Bryant Old Photos with Eldest Daughter Resurface

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Natalia Diamante Bryant turned 18 on January 19, 2021. She is the firstborn child of Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Laine Bryant. Natalia was born just one year post the three-peat run of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals 2000-2002. Her sisters are Gianna Bryant, Bianka Bryant, and Capri Bryant. Among the last Instagram posts of Kobe Bryant was his birthday greeting for the 17th birthday of his eldest daughter, Natalia.

Vanessa Bryant Remembers Kobe Bryant, Gianna on 18th Birthday of Natalia Bryant

Kobe Bryant's wife and Natalia's mother, Vanessa Laine Bryant, shared a heartwarming birthday message for Natalia in celebration of her 18th birthday. "Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you-for the young lady you are now," read the touching message.

Vanessa Bryant also expressed gratitude to her daughter for the strength and grace, especially "throughout "the most difficult year of [their] lives." Vanessa further thanked her eldest daughter for stepping in to help [her] even when she herself was grieving, "Just to help their family go through the toughest times. "Mommy and dad are proud you are our daughter, our princess," she added.

Vanessa Bryant Shares Throwback Photo of Kobe Bryant and Family

Daddy's little princess, Natalia, the proud mom and wife captioned the rare photo featuring Kobe Bryant holding his daughter, ET Online reported. The never-before-seen photo showed Kobe Bryant as a doting dad from the moment his firstborn arrived into this world. Vanessa also shared a throwback family photo and a photo with Kobe, Vanessa, and their first daughter, Natalia.

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Vanessa Laine Bryant Asks for Respect When Honoring Kobe Bryant's Death

With the death anniversary of Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant's deaths on January 26, Vanessa kindly asked the people who covered her daughter's 18th birthday to respect her husband and child's deaths as they cover the special occasion.

The mom-of-three further asked the media not to air photos of the air or accident scene wreckage. "We had a traumatic enough year and do not want to see those photos." It is expected that news sites covering the 18th birthday of Natalia Diamante Bryant will be free of anything that can cause pain to the bereaved family.

Vanessa previously opened up about her feelings commemorating the deaths of her husband and child. "Grief can be messed up; a cluster of emotions." She said that one day you can be laughing, and then the next day feel like you do not want to be alive, EOnline reported.

Kobe Bryant's wife also has some nice words for people who are struggling. She says she understands the struggles of dealing with heartbreak, loss, and grief. Yet, she encouraged the people to find one's reason to live. She urged people to find their reason to keep living every day. "Every day, find your reason to live, though it be hard," she added.

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