Couple Adopts Abandoned Brothers, Biological Parents Obviously Unable to Care for Them

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A couple adopts abandoned brothers because their parents could not care for them. The children were found beside trash bags wearing only diapers. The man that found them asked the couple if they would be willing to adopt the boys who had nowhere else to go for one night.

Tiny heads peeking out of the trash

Pasco Metropolitan Ministries executive chef, Mark Purcell, was going home after his work shift one day when he saw the abandoned brothers. He saw the two children when he was taking out the trash after a day's work.

The Tampa Bay area of Florida chef thought he saw a couple of baby dolls in the trash bin after seeing tiny heads peeking out from the bags. At first, he thought that some people could have thrown the dolls, but after checking again, he realized that instead of dolls, the peeking heads were from real children.

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From among the trash, there was a seven-month-old baby together with his two-year-old brother. The abandoned brothers only wore diapers while sitting in the garbage. Soon, he saw the children's mom hiding right around the corner.

The abandoned boys found a new shelter

Purcell learned that the mom had nowhere to go and could not take care of her babies anymore. The woman decided to leave her children at the church, and hopefully, a good samaritan would pick them up to care for them.

The founder decided to give the kids to Krystal Stewart, one of the church pastors. He called her and asked if she and her husband would be willing to provide shelter to the two brothers for one night.

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Thankfully, Krystal and her husband, Ron, agreed and said that they were familiar with the kids Purcell told them about. The couple explained that they had seen the children and their mom one time at the local soup kitchen.

The duo offered to provide help to the mother before after learning that they were struggling with living. Steward explained during a "FOX 13 News" interview that she saw how the little boys needed care.

She saw how dirty and covered in bug bites they were, so they needed someone to love, care for them, and give them baths.

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Stewart and her husband were not aware that the "temporary arrangement" would turn their life around. A social worker sought the help of the Stewarts a few days after the kids were found in the trash.

The person asked them if they would like to adopt the boys; otherwise, they would bring them to the foster system. After making up their minds, the Stewarts decided to adopt the boys, and the parents signed custody over to them.

Even though the couple already has children, they felt they must add two new members to their family.

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