Family Loses Everything in House Fire, Receives Help From Unlikely Source

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A mom receives help from colleagues after losing the house from fire. Her colleagues have seen how hardworking she was even after contracting COVID, so they helped her get through the difficult time she underwent.

Devastating News Comes While at Work

On the evening of January 24, Amanda Rhoney was working at Wesley Long Hospital's emergency department when she suddenly received the devastating news. Her ten-year-old daughter, Gentry, phoned her and told her that their house was on fire.

Rhoney said that her husband, Michael, was preparing dinner when the propane tank caught fire. The military veteran husband was making meals for him, Gentry, and his six-year-old son, Mychal.

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The Family Lost Everything

The nursing assistant said that she and her family are now staying at a hotel after losing everything. From the school supplies and clothing to all their household items, everything was destroyed.

While no one got injured in the fire, one of their two dogs lost consciousness after inhaling smoke. Thankfully, Thomasville Fire and Rescue administered oxygen, and the husky recovered.

In a Facebook post, the fire department wrote that thanks to their firefighters' quick response, the puppy has survived the tragedy.

This lucky pup will live to see another day thanks to the quick work of our firefighters during a structure fire tonight. Posted by Thomasville Fire & Rescue on Sunday, January 24, 2021

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A Welcomed Helping Hand

An emergency medical technician, Joy Ingram, stepped in after Rhoney shared an update about their condition in a private Facebook group. Ingram told "Good Morning America" that when Rhoney received the tragic news about the house fire, she was with her on the same shift.

She started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Rhoney and her family. Apart from that, she has also sought help from people who would be willing to drop clothing or household stuff at the emergency department to help her colleague.

Ingram explained that everybody's hearts went out upon learning what had happened to Rhoney's home. She said that the mom-of-two had recovered from COVID and worked so hard, so when they heard about the fire incident, their hearts went out to her and her family.

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She said that her colleague is starting from scratch, adding that Rhoney would help anyone need so long as she could. Rhoney has a giving heart because even if she could not help a person, she would find someone who could.

Rhoney has been thankful to the community for their helping hands. She has been overwhelmed with all the help she has received, saying that it had made them process grief easier.

Rhoney and her family are looking into receiving help from Off-Road Outreach. It is an organization that helps veterans like Mike assist in times of need.

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