Nurses Setup Romantic Date for Diamond Couple Who Got Covid

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Husband and wife in Illinois contracted COVID-19 after spending the past 63 years together. Healthcare workers noted how the diamond couple was inseparable. Inspired by their love story, the nurses put together a dinner date for the couple who got Covid.

Couple Who Got Covid Separated in Hospital Units

The nurses witnessed how the couple worried for the sake of the other even while themselves battling COVID-19. On January 22, Masako Martinez, 86 was admitted to the HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. Soon after, she learned that her 93-year-old husband, Frank Martinez was also brought to the hospital due to COVID-19, but they would be placed in separate hospital units, CBS News reported.

Because the couple continue to ask for each other's sake and worry for the other, the nurses decided to bring the two together on a romantic dinner date on January 27 after being apart for five days. The nurses brought the husband to his wife's bedside. They were able to eat their dinner together as they have been doing for the past 63 years. The nurses also allowed the diamond couple to hold hands.

The nurses heard from the couple's family that the couple was very dependent on each other. In fact, the husband's only concern was his wife. After hearing the history of the couple, they decided to bring joy to their patients. A photo of the couple's date night went viral. As of this writing, their conditions are both stable.

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What to Do When Husband and Wife Both Have Covid

The Martinez's case is not unique though as there are other couples who have tested for COVID-19, some only days apart. It is usually hospital protocol to separate the couples in different rooms or hospital units to prevent further infection and ensure fast recovery of both patients.

Yet, some ask whether or not husbands and wives can quarantine together. Johns Hopkins answered the tricky question saying that if the two people are positive, they may be isolated together as multiple people can be isolated together. Though, the ideal situation is for them to be quarantined separately.

In some cases, one partner may need to care for the other during quarantine period. During this time, couples are advised to strictly follow health guidelines including wearing a face mask, avoiding physical contact like hugging and kissing, sanitizing, and physical distancing.

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When Husband or Wife Gets Covid, Self-Isolation May be Necessary

In some cases, some spouses choose to self-isolate to avoid risking infection of their other half. Such is the case of Rowan Tekampe who had been together with his wife, Emily Tekampe for 11 years. He said that they have never been apart. But when he was told he may have been exposed to COVID-19, he needed to self-isolate without his wife who is currently recovering from cancer. He said that one cannot simply take the risk when being someone whose immune system is compromised, Time reported.

Emily wanted to stay by her husband's side and take care of him. But, she knew she needed to take care of herself too. Being quarantined apart made them focus on getting better without worrying about the risk of infection of a spouse who may not have been infected by the virus yet.

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