Single Mother Teary-Eyed to Receive Free One Year Mortgage Donation After Losing Job

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Single mother of five, Kayla Lopez received the best news at the most opportune time of her life. Just when things were sinking deeper for Lopez, she received a call to come in for an interview for financial assistance. What she did not know was that her story touched the kind-hearted who extended help to her by taking care of her mortgage fees this 2021.

Legacy Financial Network Gifts Single Mother with Free Mortgage for 1 Year

Legacy Financial Network, working together with Gradient Gives Back Foundation chose Lopez as the recipient of free mortgage for one year because of her heartwarming story. The single mother of children ranging between 1 and 13 lost her job during the pandemic. Previous to that, her hours as a receptionist at a salon were cut. And now, she was facing looming mortgage payments while being unemployed and forcing to stay home due to the pandemic.

Lopez said she had feared her family would become homeless, MLive reported. She further opened up about feeling hopeless, though her children were her biggest motivators, so she continued searching for help. Lopez applied for the financial assistance program with Gradient Gives Back Foundation. "Now, we do not need to worry about foreclosure. There is hope now. I can actually think and get my life back on track," the 28-year-old mom revealed.

Legacy Financial Network President Michael Markey said that he was inspired by the foundation's efforts, so decided to give back each and every year through the foundation. Markey interviewed many applicants with different financial strains since the pandemic, but revealed that there was something about the single mother's story that stuck to him. Moreover, the company president hopes that giving back this way would spark compassion in others at a time when people need it most.

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Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program

The non-profit organization created the outreach program in hopes of helping Americans who may have fallen on hard times especially with the case of the pandemic. The deserving family will have the opportunity to be awarded with 12 months of housing payments with the help of their sponsors. This time it was the independent, private-owned insurance company whose main focus in on retirement products. Other companies also partnered with the foundation, including financial companies.

The Foundation was created to help families who may be at risk of homelessness, losing their hoes due to mortgage payments. Since it was started, the Foundation has already awarded numerous home payments for mortgage and or lease payments.

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How to Join Gradient Gives Back Mortgage Payment Program

Individuals can register their family or nominate another family on the Gradient Gives Back Apply page. They also receive donations.

Lopez is the example of receiving a ray of hope when you are about to give up. There is no harm in trying and asking for help. Whatever good opportunities that we can receive financial aid, we should take these opportunities to be something that would make us more hopeful. Whether we win or not is a matter of chance, but it can ignite in us the resilience to make things better and lift us from the situation we are in.

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