Experts Reveal How to Stay Calm When Your Toddler Throws a Tantrum in Public

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Sometimes, parents panic when their toddler gets tantrums in public. And although it is difficult, we need to learn how to stay calm in situations like these.

At times when a simple ungranted request turns into screaming and crying all over the floor, the feeling of judgment suddenly dawns on us. And sometimes, when toddlers get tantrums in public, parents lose it too. Knowing how to stay calm can be challenging at times.

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However, even though experts say that it can be quite a challenge, parents could stay calm and use these simple steps:

1. Recognize what your toddler feels.

It may sound a little odd. However, although toddler tantrums may already sound chaotic, the best way to approach it is by staying calm and speaking to your child in a way that lets them know you validate or recognize their feelings.

By doing so, you are not only calming the situation, but you are also teaching your child how to manage their feelings.

Although you are validating your child's feelings, it is still important not to immediately give in to their request, especially if it is something that they are no longer allowed to have or do.

Experts from Psychology Today say that one way to this is by telling them, "I know you don't like that I am not giving you any more chocolate. I totally understand your disappointment."

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2. Negotiate with your toddler by providing choices.

One way to stay calm when your toddler gets tantrums in public is by helping the kids calm down through some choices. For example, parents can offer an alternative to chocolates if their toddler gets tantrums because they were asked to stop eating chocolates.

When providing them with such alternatives, you can also start putting them in the stroller, or if you are in a grocery store, back in the cart. Try to ignore their tantrums as much as you can and stay calm while doing so.

You may also start talking about a completely different topic so that they could somewhat forget about the outburst.

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3. Ignore the bystanders

Another reason parents lose their temper and their children are that they worry about the bystanders' opinions about the situation.

Thus, there were reported instances that parents give in to their toddlers' tantrums to avoid embarrassment.

Experts say that tantrums are a normal part of growing up. That is why parents should not have anything to be so embarrassed. Also, parents should not give in to their kids because it will only give them the idea that they can get anything they want when they throw a tantrum in public.

Parents should remember that they have to calmly go through their child's outbursts and not lose their temper in public.

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