Seattle Dad Uses Beer Bong as New Feeding Technique for His Baby

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A dad from Seattle uses beer bong as a new feeding technique for his baby. In a now-viral video, father and music producer Rudy Willingham showed how he tried to help his baby girl gain weight.

In the now-viral video on Instagram, Willingham captioned it with, "My daughter is 2nd percentile in weight, so we're trying out some new feeding techniques."

The Seattle dad posted the video on Instagram, and it now has more than 200,000 views and 18,000 likes.


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Dad uses beer bong to feed his baby more milk.

In another portion of Willingham's caption, he jokingly said, "Worked for me in college, should work for her too, right?"

The feeding technique that Willingham used involves a plastic tube that is connected to a funnel. That is where the milk is poured. This feeding technique is very similar to that of a Beer Bong. However, instead of beer, formula milk is used. The tube is attached to a silicone nipple at the end.

According to NDTV Food, this is Willingham's way to consume milk fast.

Netizens have varied opinions

While the technique is indeed interesting, it has gained some mixed feedback. Some netizens think that the dad got some bright ideas.

One even joked that they should have tried that method before, "My daughter was 3rd percentile, we tried a lot of things but never this! Lol. She now seven and around 10th percentile only, so suffice to say we weren't very successful."

However, some Instagram users thought this was not an excellent idea, "Poor baby getting all that air - terrible, that's just cruel."

Other netizens also expressed their concern over the use of the formula dispenser.

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What does the 2nd percentile mean?

The percentile cutoff values are used by the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity to assess or define abnormal growth.

On their website, it is explained that "Infants and children with a length-for-age that is less than the 2nd percentile are classified as having short stature."

According to KidsHealth for Nemours, there is no ideal percentile for a child, saying that "healthy children come in all shapes and sizes."

However, there could be a problem when a child's weight or height percentile suddenly changes from the previous pattern that it has been following. There could also be a problem when children do not get taller at the same rate that they gain weight.

Formula milk and growth among infants

A study published in 2018 in the Nutritional Journal looked into the relationship between feeding and growth. Specifically, it focused on the effect of feeding babies in a larger volume.

The study observed 1093 babies. According to it, feeding babies with higher volumes of formula milk during early infancy is linked to more elevated body weight and overweight in later infancy.

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