Mom Says Schools Should Let Children Retake Tests Especially Amid Pandemic

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Many teachers seem to be reconsidering how they rate their students' schoolwork in light of the pandemic. Anxiety and a general sense of imminent doom have been plaguing children. Teachers realize this and change their standards to encourage students to resubmit work and retake tests as needed.

A staff writer for Scary Mommy, Kristen Mae, wrote "Schools Should Absolutely Allow Kids To Resubmit Work And Retake Tests," where she shared that her 14-year-old son would now retest and retake assignments. The ability to retake tests and assignments up to three times is immediately integrated into the program, and she has seen the effect on her children.

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Further, Rick Wormeli, a National Board-certified teacher and education book, Fair Isn't Always Equal: Assessment and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom,  said, "When a child doesn't do an assignment, no matter how large, and I just give him a zero? He doesn't get competent. He remains inept. Is that the legacy I want to carry forward? Incompetence, but be able to tell all my colleagues in the larger society, 'Oh, I caught him. He couldn't get past me without missing a deadline, let me tell you.' Or is it, 'Hey, you screwed up, kid. Let us walk side by side and develop your competence and the wisdom that comes from doing something a second and third time around, where you'll get your act together.' Both are greater gifts in the long run than simply labeling a child for a failed deadline."

Retakes demonstrate to students that their teachers recognize their humanity. We've all gone to school with a headache or a personal issue that has affected our mood. Students forgave their teachers' mistakes in each case, and it is only fair that teachers repay the favor. This will require more effort, but it will be worth considering how many students succeed in retaking. This leads us to the question below.

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How should schools offer retakes, especially during a pandemic?

For retakes to be effective, there are some steps to consider.

During the first week of classes, make the school's retest policy clear to students and explain how the retake policy will better help them.

However, if you still have not thought about your students' retake policies, try the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Students should strive to do well on both assignments and tests the first time around. Otherwise, they would add to their workload and tension by trying to keep up with recent work and other classes when studying for the retake.
  • Students must schedule a retake with teachers during a shared free time or come in before or after school within one week of returning the original. Students can even ask a proctor if they are willing to sit with them if they notify their teachers ahead of time.
  • Teachers can also ask students to answer various retake questions, even though the content would be the same. Teachers may shuffle questions, some removed, and some new questions added in.
  • In the online grade book, teachers can enter the higher of the two scores.
  • Encourage students to retake an assignment or evaluation if they did not perform to their full potential, regardless of the grade they received the first time.
  • Quizzes, midterm, and final tests are exempt from retake policies.

Every student should learn to be self-disciplined. Don't let their occasional irresponsibility, on the other hand, get in the way of their development. The trick is to approach each situation differently because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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