Here Are 4 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Talking to Their Kids About Puberty

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Parents make common mistakes when facing the challenging stage of their children reaching puberty. This comes with the need to discuss seemingly sensitive information with their kids, who, at this stage, are now young adults.

However, knowing that their once kids are about to hit puberty is very daunting for parents. This is because they have the responsibility need to discuss with their kids some important topics relevant to their children's development. And it doesn't make it easier for parents that such topics as puberty, sex, and relationships result in awkward discussions that children often and understandably do not want to have with their parents.

However, there are many common mistakes parents make when having "the talk" with their kids. The list to check on this stage goes on and on, from the zits, body hair, body odors, growing breasts, cracking voices for boys, and other hormonal changes. The transformation from childhood to adulthood brings a unique set of new experiences and changes among your kid's bodies. 

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Here are the 4 common mistakes to avoid when having 'the talk' with your child

1. Waiting for their kids to hit puberty before they explain what puberty is

This is one of the most common mistakes parents make. They often underestimate their role in preparing their children for adolescence. This kind of idea often leads to postponing the important conversations that should have been discussed earlier.

Be mindful of the timeline you have; remember, they're not young forever. So it is better not to wait until it is too late.

It is also recommended to plan ahead of time. And it is important to prepare your kids to deal with purely adolescent problems at their far younger ages than most parents expect.

2. Awkwardly staying away from discussions about sexual maturity

Everyone knows that along with puberty comes sexual maturity. Sexual maturity is self-evident to every parent, but this is also an important subject that many conservative parents resist addressing. It is one of the common mistakes parents make in preparing their kids for puberty. Be open as possible to your kids about it so they can openly share information with you too. 

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3. Overloading children with information about puberty

Since talking about this topic with your children is naturally awkward, some parents often feel too compelled to prepare themselves with as many details as possible to help their kids prepare for puberty. 

A major problem for parents about this stage is that they are eager to provide their kids with useful knowledge and have a conversation with them to have a strong desire to lecture them, which makes it overloading for the kids some time. 

Try to ease the topic into them instead of loading them with all the information at once. After all, puberty is a developmental stage, and it is better for them to receive the details in small doses. Again, mind your timeline, and if it permits, let them come to you and ask you for help.

4. Wanting their children to preserve their innocence

Parents are often just telling their children what they think they need to know because when they give too much knowledge about sex, they get the feeling of robbing the child of their innocence.

However, this is not entirely true. Keep in mind that leaving them in the dark could make them more curious and discover the information themselves rather than hearing it from you.

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