Mandy Moore Says Husband and Baby Look Like Twins in New Photo

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Mandy Moore is loving motherhood while still struggling with a health problem linked to her pregnancy after giving birth to her baby and in a new Instagram post, she says her husband and baby look like twins.            

Last month, the 36-year-old actress and singer gave birth to her and her husband Taylor Goldsmith's first child, son August Harrison Goldsmith, also known as Gus. Mandy discovered she had been diagnosed with low platelets, making it difficult for blood to clot normally, only weeks before welcoming the boy.

The condition is a common pregnancy complication, but it may also be an immune deficiency on its own. On Friday, March 26, the actress gave fans an update on her health and announced that she plans to have a second child in the future.

She wrote on her Instagram Story, "Back at the hematologist to see if my platelets have gone up after having the baby." The number of platelets is growing, but it is still inadequate, so Mandy Moore continued that she is on a quest to do everything to get them to a safe state so that she won't have to doubt or stress about the next birth. She also wrote that they'd have to wait a few more months to ensure it's ITP [immune thrombocytopenia].

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Mandy Moore then inquired what her friends and followers with low platelets did to correct it. She also wrote that she already took iron, b12, and folate supplements and ate many lentils and dark leafy greens, among other things.

The next day, Saturday, March 27, Mandy posted a cute new picture of Taylor carrying a smiling Gus on her Instagram profile. She described the photo as twins.

"My new best friend and I," Taylor captioned the photo he posted on his own Instagram profile. Their baby was wearing a green-striped onesie and seemed to be doing well.

Meanwhile, just one month after giving birth to Gus, Mandy Moore is back on This Is Us. The actress shared a video of herself seated in a hairstyling chair on her Instagram Story on Thursday, March 25.

"Mom is BACK at work!!!" she posted, adding later alongside a selfie, "Beck is back." I'm thankful to be able to ease back into this role that I enjoy (and to be able to carry my wonderful husband and baby along)."

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Background on Mandy Moore's Diagnosis

Immune thrombocytopenia is a condition marked by a blood abnormality known as thrombocytopenia, which is described as a lack of platelets needed for normal blood clotting.

Bleeding just under the skin's surface can cause red or purple spots on the skin in those affected. Purpura refers to small areas of bleeding under the skin, while ecchymoses refer to larger areas. Severe bleeding episodes, such as nose bleeds or bleeding in the mouth's moist lining, may occur in people with immune thrombocytopenia. Individuals may experience gastrointestinal bleeding, blood in the urine or stool, or heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding in severe cases.

In sporadic cases, bleeding within the skull may occur, posing a life-threatening danger. More frequent bleeding episodes and a higher risk of severe bleeding are also associated with a lower platelet count.

While it may be diagnosed at any age, the disease is most likely to occur in early childhood and late adulthood. The decrease in children's platelets is always abrupt, but platelet levels typically return to normal within weeks to months. A minor infection often follows ITP in kids, such as an upper respiratory infection, but the connection between disease and immune thrombocytopenia is uncertain.

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